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Community Update — ZZZ Plans Ahead

First and foremost we want all members of the community to know we are deeply saddened for our ZZZ FAMILY who were hurt during the Snoozer Events, we acknowledge the mistake from our end. We wish to bring further transparency to our community but we also want to reinforce to the community that this setback HAS NOT stunted our growth or progress in creating a roadmap and working towards future Aspirations and Partnerships.

So as we all know that ZZZ is a community-centered DeFi-project by the people, for the people. The decisions and actions of ZZZ are made by its members and community to assure equity and fairness for all. A think-tank. A place where innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements are the priority, creating a much needed utility focus to the blockchain space. The value of ZZZ is determined by the contribution and innovation of the community as a whole. So lets build!

Go big or go home… That’s what we are trying to accomplish here. We aren’t just another yield farming project, and we shouldn’t be. ZZZ is much more, and our community shows it. With that said, our goal is to show constant building, find new avenues for growth, seek new partnerships, enhance community engagement, our bag holders as well as potential institutional investors who realistically will be providing the liquidity for ZZZ to become a Powerhouse in the DEFI Space. And we can make it happen. WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Whats Coming:

  • Napper V2, Yawn V2 (No Refills) 4 week pool life. New Pools Monthly !!!
  • Bounty Pool (Bounty pool is for whitelisted addresses who benefited from the snoozer event to compensate)
  • New Pools will contribute to Compensation Fund
  • Official Audit (Currently in negotiations with some firms) — TOP PRIORITY

We need to work towards:

  • Communicating transparently with community on a plan to regulate emissions to make pools sustainable longer-term. Strategise a plan to Increase volume and utility to NAP and the ZZZ Ecosystem after the recent Events. It has to happen for the long term growth of the community.
  • Establishing a Governance System for ZZZ and its Tokenomic Ecosystem in a careful, calculated and fool proof manner. We want to protect the legitimacy of the project’s proposals and make sure (“Humorous” Proposals) don’t waste the time and resources of our community and Ecosystem. This is top priority but it must be done correctly, and it will be.
  • Implementing a community based platform for our members to submit projects to filter into the ZZZ.Finance Ecosystem. Giving members a say in projects we collaborate on for community proposals such as those submitted in our forums to be spring-boarded into the ZZZ Ecosystem through Yield Farming Pool incentives and drops to help support our community. This will give entrepreneurial startups a legitimate springboard to kickstart their development.
  • Strategies to Bring in more NAP revenue! Such as creating a banner at the top of the pool that advertises for other projects to come to us to “list” their token. Making the ease of implementation seamless, with the goal of a NAP based fee system in which projects would need to purchase our NAPS in exchange for the ability for the community to pool/farm. This also gives us stronger sustainability for the NAP token, and its current application.
  • Explore Use-case outside of yield farming legitimises the platform. Utility and legitimacy = moving out of NOT JUST yield farming to full marketing = partnership and utility swap integration

If we want to help us achieve these goals and become a leading powerhouse that’s community driven and run we will need your help. We need the community support behind us to take ZZZ expansion to the NEXT LEVEL !!. We cant promise you dates but this is what we are striving towards. We encourage all members here to get active on the forums and begin brainstorming ideas ! https://forums.zzz.finance/





To be considered a thinktank to further adapt new ways of governance and how assets can be further specified to benefit its members and the whole crypto community. Its whole value is determined by contribution and innovation.

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