Why We Never Sleep on Community Building

Heath Muchena
Oct 6 · 2 min read
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The definition of community is the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. These attitudes contribute to the creation of a common trust. Inconsistency as far as common interests are concerned breeds a lack of trust, which ultimately destroys communities. Even communities that rely on trustless systems.

Blockchain development is a space that has clearly shown the importance and advantages of having a well coordinated community. Almost all thriving crypto communities have several things in common when it comes to aspects of community building, growth and management. These include:

● Having a clear vision for project;

● Establishing transparent community contribution guidelines;

● Fostering advocacy by encouraging community members to evangelize;

● Providing incentives, tools and resources that encourage participation on all levels of project development;

● Communicating the value of contributions and rewarding the community for their efforts and dedication; and

● Creating consistencies in key messaging concepts and a project’s vision, roadmap or code of ethics.

ZZZ is a community-centered DeFi-project by the people, for the people. The ZZZ project vision is to empower people to control their money, data and identity by creating a trustless ecosystem of participants with shared values for ethical value creation, progressive and meaningful advancement towards financial freedom. The objective of the project is to create positive real-world impact using blockchain technology to collaborate and create a mutually benefiting decentralized community.

Creating A Unified Vision for the Community

Crypto communities are typically composed of individuals or groups of people that believe in the promise of a project. The reputation of a project and its credibility or good standing all depend on the strength of the community and network.

As ZZZ continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to create a strong community with:

● Active community members;

● Reliable community support and communication channels;

● Consistent community contributors, developers, and community growth marketers;

● Participants that value, personal privacy and human rights, transparency, openness, and professionalism; and

● Well-managed feedback and reporting mechanisms, etc.

Join us in making turning dreams into reality!

Where can I buy ZZZ tokens?

Currently you can buy ZZZ on COINTIGER or UNISWAP. More exchange listings coming soon. Also look forward to upcoming uses of NFTs and gamification.

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