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Dear ZZZ Community,

While the team is working on functionality for the protocol we would like the community to have its input on a very important thing. Starting from today a competition will begin to design a UI/UX for the ZZZ platform. We are reaching out to everyone capable of putting out a slick and user-friendly web design to be implemented in our platform.

We as a team will cherry-pick a top 10 submissions that will suit the current and future infrastructure and let the community vote from these designs.

Bounties for the competition are as following:

1st place: 700 DAI

2nd place: 200 DAI

3nd place: 100 DAI

The competition will run for approximately 10–14 days depending on the amount of submissions.

The designs should cover most of the following device sizes:

Phone 375x812px

Tablet 768x1024px

Desktop 1 1440x900px

Desktop 2 1920x1080px

Desktop 3 3820x2160px

Submissions can be made in any format:

  • Pictures
  • Figma / Zeplin links
  • Codesandbox examples
  • Git repositories

Platform specific elements that have to be included:

Landing page

  • ZZZ-logo
  • USD pricing for NAP / ZZZ
  • Get NAP / Get ZZZ uniswap links / buttons.
  • Unlock wallet / Mobile wallet
  • Links to community media (Telegram, Forums, Discord)


  • Disclaimer
  • Links to Github, Medium, Twitter, email

Main platform

  • Wallet balances for tokens in the platform.
  • Total user claimable reward value and total value locked value.
  • User ETH-address.
  • Close wallet button.
  • UNISWAP links to ZZZ and NAP.
  • Tab functionality to switch between pool categories (like ZZZ and GEMS are at the moment)
  • Pools

Must be presented to the user as easy-to-access and responsive format. Data that is already present on the current pool pages (feel free to come up with your own ideas to add to this):

  • Pool name
  • Pool icon
  • Pool yields and yield dollar amounts
  • Staking amount of total and percentage
  • Rewards accumulated
  • Approve token and approve boost buttons
  • Claim and Exit buttons
  • Staking form (input field, Stake and Unstake buttons)
  • Boosting info button
  • Get {insert pool staking token name here) button
  • Boost multiplier buttons
  • Total boost multiplier
  • Total USD value earned

Assets for used in the current site can be found here:


For more assets, look on the forums.

Submissions can be entered here: https://forums.zzz.finance/t/ui-ux-contest-submissions/322

We are looking forward to your submissions!




To be considered a thinktank to further adapt new ways of governance and how assets can be further specified to benefit its members and the whole crypto community. Its whole value is determined by contribution and innovation.

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