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ZZZ Community Update

August 21st, 2020

Ecosystem Upgrade: Fuel, UI/UX, Multipliers

In just 3 days the community has been hard at work refining the initial proposal and fleshing out the details. We filtered through and took on some amazing, intriguing, and exciting proposals from our ZZZ Community.

We are now fully able to release the information regarding the fuel token NAP, new pools, a slick new UI for the APP, and we are proudly presenting an innovative twist to yield farming: a multiplier reward system. A multiplier that is able to fuel the network and is spendable. That works symbiotically with ZZZ to maximize the yield farming potential of every ZZZ holder and is the keystone for everything yet to come.

Thanks to our whole community who contributed to help us get this update done so quickly. There will be a lot of information here, and it is strongly advised to join our Telegram group to keep up on the latest news and ask any questions you may have: https://t.me/zzzfinance

Let’s fuel our excitement with in-depth logistic tokenomics!

NAP Tokenomics

Contract Address (NAP):


Remove Minter TX (Can’t mint more NAPs):


Burn Admin Key (Can’t turn Minter ability back on):


Liquidity add on Uniswap: https://etherscan.io/address/0x0de0322d3ac0d5002e2bc9c3a188728728d90799

Uniswap Trade Link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x66b3037aa8dd64c3ef1aee13a4d1f2509f672d1c&outputCurrency=0xc75f15ada581219c95485c578e124df3985e4ce0

Total Supply: 20,000,000

Circulating Supply: 17,000,000

Dev Fund (15% of total): 3,000,000

-1,000,000 used to fund the Liquidity pool.

-2,000,000 remaining

Tokens used for initial pools: 1,500,000

Remaining for future pools: 14,500,000 (rolling locks, unavailable at launch)

The remaining future pool tokens, to instill community confidence, will be time locked to release in time intervals every few days. This is to balance two needs:

  1. We need to have NAPs available to make new pools, however;
  2. We also recognize the current crypto market has created an atmosphere of fear over rugs/scams.

Therefore, we have created the following system on how these tokens unlock:

a) Are we making new pool(s) → If Yes, Then put tokens in pool(s), burn admin keys (keep emission keys until the community confirms emission is correct then burn emission keys).

b) Are we making new pool(s) — -> If No, Then re-lock tokens on a new time release date to repeat this cycle.

This solution utilizes the advantages of blockchain transparency that the tokens either go to new pools or become re-locked out of circulating supply.

NAPs will also function as a voting token inside the upcoming ZZZ governance system. 2,000 NAPs will equal 1 vote. This means NAP’s total voting power is 10,000 compared to ZZZ’s total voting power of 20,000.

ZZZ Pools Ecosystem

We have upgraded our App with a brand new UI! The system will make it easier to use and adds new utility, and advanced features. Let’s start with the pools available to you:

There are four pools available, including the original two. They’re laid out in the following manner:

Pool Name = (input token you stake) → (output token you receive)

Sleeper (Pool A) = BPT → ZZZ

Dreamer (Pool B) = ZZZ - → ZZZ/ETH-UNI

Snoozer* (Pool C) = ZZZ/NAP-UNI — -> NAP

Napper* (Pool D) = ZZZ — -> NAP

new pools coded to have a stake start delay of 2am EST August 22nd, 2020 to create a fair launch.

Pools are moving! This is the new link to use to start farming:


This is just the beginning. There will be additional pools coming soon.

Ecosystem Upgrades

So why did we create NAPs? Simple. We want to grow. All of us. The community. The ecosystem. The yield farm. The partnerships. Everything.

However, ZZZ is king. ZZZ will always be king. We will do everything to ensure this.

No matter what we build, ZZZ will always become bigger and more powerful. It will be the decentralized governance power that controls the future of the project. And, now, we have added an additional use-case:


A multiplier effect has been created for holding or staking ZZZ. It is crucial to note that these are linked to individual ETH addresses. Bonuses do not cross across addresses.

Currently, this multiplier is in effect for the following:

  1. Staking ZZZ in the Dreamer pool (Pool B which is the ZZZ staking pool prior to these upgrades).
  2. ZZZ held in your wallet.
  3. ZZZ in your UNI tokens associated with the ETH/ZZZ Uni token Liquidity Pool on Uniswap. As a thank you for contributing to the liquidity pool, the ZZZs in these UNI tokens themselves will count as double (if you have 5 ZZZs in your UNI tokens, it will count as 10).
  4. More methods of holding and staking ZZZ will be added in the future.

Here’s the breakdown on the multiplier:

1. Global Multiplier for ZZZ in Wallet

This is a global effect, with some exceptions based on the needs of the individual pools.

The following tiered bonus structure applies:

1 ZZZ= 2%

5 ZZZ= 10%

10 ZZZ= 30%

20 ZZZ= 60%

2. Local Multiplier for SPENDING NAP

In addition to the multiplier for staking ZZZs, you may also spend NAPs to get bonuses on individual pools. Depending on the amount you spend, increases your bonus. This effect works exclusively on the pools you choose.

Level 1: 10,000 NAP:10%

Level 2: 20,000 NAP: 20%

Level 3: 30,000 NAP: 40%

3. Step Down Effect

To help increase the ability to gain a bonus that both rewards early adopters (who may have larger balances) and newcomers (who may have small balances), we have implemented a solution that we like to call ‘Step Down’ on the cost of the NAPs bonuses.

The cost of the multipliers drop by 10% every 8 hours. This will occur 5 times, and then hold steady.

Level 1 step down numbers: 10,000, 9,000, 8,100, 7,290, 6,561, 5,904.9

Level 2 step down numbers: 20,000, 18,000, 16,200, 14,580, 13,122, 11,809.8

Level 3 step down numbers: 30,000, 27,000, 24,300, 21,870, 19,683, 17,714.7

What happens to your NAP once spent ?

We decided to go with a self sustaining ecosystem where the multipliers spent (NAP) will be distributed back into the ecosystem at a ratio of 50% to fund rewards for future Pools, and 50% towards the Dev Fund to fund future initiatives, project needs, and community proposals that will be voted on through our upcoming, decentralized governance system.

This ensures the long term health and viability of the ZZZ ecosystem, thus allowing us to enrich the governance model where we are able to afford the swift execution and implementation of the proposals voted on by our community Holders.

Most importantly, everyone may decide for themselves if they wish to apply the NAP multiplier and, by doing so, not only get better rewards, but also make the project grow by fostering development and more pools.

The idea of a self-sustaining, growing ecosystem model without inflation puts us in a very unique position, and sets the ZZZ and NAP protocols apart from other major yield farming projects out there in the DeFi space in both stability and sustainability.

The Future

A lot is being built. There is simply too much to put in one update. As promised in our last update, we will continue to release updates on a rolling basis as pools, utility, and new innovation becomes available:

-Decentralized governance

-New pools

-New partnerships

-Added utility and use-case for both ZZZ and NAP

-New website

-Ever advancing the UI

-Community driven, community run

We think big. We build small. We build often. We get it done.

ZZZ is built by the community, for the community.

We encourage everyone to get involved. Together, we are strong. Together, we will win.

Earn while you sleep, join ZZZ!

Telegram: https://t.me/zzzfinance

New Pools Location: https://pool.zzz.finance




To be considered a thinktank to further adapt new ways of governance and how assets can be further specified to benefit its members and the whole crypto community. Its whole value is determined by contribution and innovation.

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