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ZZZ Partnership Announcement

August 27th, 2020

ZZZ-TACO Governance Building Collaboration

ZZZ.Finance is pleased to announce a collaborative project with TACO: Creating a universal framework for a decentralized governance platform.

The Teams will collaborate in step on its design before unilaterally deploying it to both ZZZ.Finance and TACO respectively. With both teams currently pursuing their decentralized governance, it makes sense to combine our resources and develop an optimal solution. One that can be independently integrated into each project, an optimal solution that can provide a simple integration across multiple projects.

Taco started as an innovative and fun concept and has slowly grown to be so much more, with a power house development team behind it, and we are proud to build a power house governance system along with them.

In our initial discussion across each team, we have found that Tacos technical expertise, vision and goals have a clear alignment with ZZZ.Finance. With an overarching commonality: build and revolutionize the DeFi space.

Our shared goal is to create a decentralized system for project management that will give token-holders a direct say on product developments, treasury management, and budget approval. Creating a fair, transparent, and user-friendly governance system for managing micro-cap projects requires the combined know-how and experience of the Taco and ZZZ.Finance teams. We’re confident we can engineer a system that will result in a fairer and more fun DeFi experience for everyone.

ZZZ straight facts

ZZZ, has been pioneering new staking systems and incentive models, while demonstrating that DeFi doesn’t have to be a derivative: it’s possible to build upon the work of other yield farming protocols while also innovating.

We’re realistic about what can be achieved with yield farming and liquidity mining. ZZZ, NAP, and TACO tokens represent pillars of a forthcoming ecosystem which we expect will be revolutionary in the DeFi space. In the form of the governance needed to render these ecosystems effective. With an end goal of a no gas decentralized governance system.

Today’s DeFi games will shape the incentive mechanisms built into tomorrow’s protocols.

When you combine talent pools(pool? 😊) the ideas get lofty, the creation expands, and the development begins. We understand its paramount that we leverage the synergies between Taco and ZZZ.Finance to ensure a thoughtful and seamless delivery of a joint governance system


ZZZ Finance website

ZZZ APP pool

NAP-ZZZ pool

Taco website

Tacogram channel


“Earn while you sleep.”




To be considered a thinktank to further adapt new ways of governance and how assets can be further specified to benefit its members and the whole crypto community. Its whole value is determined by contribution and innovation.

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