The story in charts: Diversity on television makes sense — because it makes money.

At this point, you must have read the article in Hollywood’s go-to industry blog for real-time news, Deadline, suggesting that the swing toward diversity on network TV had “gone too far.” My recent story for the Wall Street Journal Online explored some of the reasons why the phenomenon of television…

Slack Hack and Broken Model of Centralized Data

The recent Slack hack is another example of a fundamentally flawed model where a centralized company holds user data and provides access…


A trip to Ethiopia to find the source of a global obsession.

By David Farley. Photographs by Ami Vitale.

Let’s Turn Suburbia Into A Local Food Mecca

These days anybody who has a Netflix account has likely seen the numerous documentaries about our food problems. The ‘Why’, shouldn’t be hard…

The Best Late Night Out In America: Cruising Nashville’s Coolest, Craziest Clubs

Five places to go for a seriously good blues, funk, and country-fueled time

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Pageviews vs. Engaged Time in web analytics

Anyone working in with web analytics has heard this before: “How many ‘hits’ did it get?” Pageviews have long been a standard way to measure…

On flexibility.

People are always telling me that they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible.

“That’s good,” I say. “Overly flexible people pull things. We don’t have enough strength. You’re lucky to be inflexible!”

Yeah, well.

This week, I’m the inflexible one. My muscles are someone else’s: tight, sore, unyielding. There’s no give.

Jay Z’s Spending Habits

The ever-escalating tastes of “the best rapper alive”

By Steven Lebron

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#TheDress as suffering, loss

A short story on reality, madness, The British Museum, reactive marketing, and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich

Instapaper Tweet Shots

In 72 hours…

It’s amazing how a (somewhat) slight product change can define a whole new set of behaviors. On October 29th 2013, Twitter launched inline image previews directly in the timeline, allowing users to view images without clicking through a link. In the one year since inline images launched, there has been a trend of sharing screenshots of…

6 Habits of Highly Effective Negotiators

By: Liz O’Neill, SVP Product Sourcing and Development, Levi Strauss & Co.

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The Facebook Federation

Reading over the coverage of F8 this week, one thing is clear: Facebook the social network isn’t very interesting anymore. I think we’re on the other side of its peak…

Having your cake and eating it — Macroprudential policy

I’ve written before that, to some extent, macroprudential policy (policy aimed at reducing risks in the financial system as a whole as opposed to at individual institutions) can be seen as an attempt by central banks to both have their cake and eat it. In theory it should be able to keep interest rates low to support the economy…

Foursquare’s Noah Weiss on Their App Split and Becoming a Product VP That Founders Can Trust

Foursquare’s VP of Product Noah Weiss is a friend from my Google days. They made a

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How Chicago has used Financial Engineering to Paper over its Massive Budget Gap

A philosophical meditation on the politics of debt and disclosure…

Dear Photographer

A Designer Shares 6 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Licensable Images

by 500px VP of Design Adam Shutsa

Big questions to ponder post Ellen Pao trial

I just finished up a five weeks sitting on the jury of the Ellen Pao — Kleiner Perkins trial as an alternate juror. A month full of testimony, dodging reporters, commuting every day to the courthouse and getting an inside look into the machinations of how the venture capital world works.

Inside the Deep Web Drug Lab

Welcome to DoctorX’s Barcelona lab, where the drugs you bought online are tested for safety and purity. No questions asked.

Secret Starbucks Drink Combinations

By Ryan Shattuck

Any die-hard Starbucks fan knows there are ‘secret’ drink combinations that aren’t readily known to the public.

Ellen Pao and the Myth of Meritocracy

Ellen Pao may have just slayed a dragon after all.

Although the jury decided in favor of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Pao’s…

Some Wars Start Small: The History of Boko Haram

How a minor disagreement turned into a full-blown crisis

The Science of Saving Your Sex Life

Amanda Blackie Parrish used to have a thriving sex drive, but not anymore. Interviewed by Cosmo about the search for a “pink pill” for women’s sexual…

Harvard Faculty Share Lessons from Work and Life

The Harvard Gazette’s Experience series is a collection of interviews with some of the University’s most accomplished faculty members…

Finding the #Longform Idea

(*Written for my University of California, Irvine Literary Journalism Program students, and for Out of the Binders #Bindercon 2015 LA conference, as well as anyone else interesting in finding narrative story ideas.)

Nonfiction writing careers live and die on ideas. Without great ones, longform journalism stories and the bylines of writers who…