10 things you should know about knowing 10 things

I have learned a few things in my life. Some of them I learned from working, some of them I learned from not working…

Everything in the Music Industry Has Changed Except the Song Itself

Is it time for a disruptor to change what songs look and sound like?

Ross Ulbricht’s Mom

Meet Lyn Ulbricht, a mother whose love went high-tech and into high gear after her son was arrested as the mastermind of Silk Road.

Should we be afraid, very afraid?

A rebuttal of the most common arguments against a future of technological unemployment…

My son has $23.6 billion. How is yours doing?

My son has $23.6 billion. $7.2 billion in cash.

He also forecast Airbus’ failures with their A380. He’s a rabid fan of…

The Surreal Underworld of Son Doong

The humidity drenched me in sweat as I pushed through the dense jungle on my way to Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, explored for the first time in 2009. The first night, we camped in Hang En, a massive cave itself, eating dinner and swapping stories with Khanh, the local villager who discovered Son Doong back in 1990. Khanh didn’t venture in. The…

On writing

“There are two types of writers: those who make you think and those who make you dream” says Brian Aldiss, who made me dream for such a long time with his science-fiction books. In…

Riding the Magic Escalator of Acquired Knowledge

Robin had done this dozens of times before. In the past, it took about 5 minutes to order the money wire transfer, but it always involved…

Optimism doesn’t sell

Tomorrowland isn’t selling well. I know the feeling. My book Public Parts didn’t burn up the charts either. Both are about optimism. Optimism isn’t box office. Dystopia…

A Memorial Day Story

Did you see those old WWII planes flying over Washington a few weeks ago? It was truly something to see the good guys in the air again.

Billy Joel Kind of Magic

May 24th, 2014

A Story Each Day

Please be aware that this story contains brief harsh language.

I was dropping my friend off at his place, but we were stuck in the cobwebs of the bloated Los Angeles traffic, thanks to the Democratic National Convention being held in the city. As we waited for the traffic to…

So, I’m a Teacher Now — 10 Reflections From the First 10 Weeks

Twenty weeks ago, I was just another new teaching graduate, anticipating the start of the school year and hoping that the few school contacts I had made in the last term of 2014 would remember to call me if they needed a casual teacher. After months of tailoring my resume, writing job applications and receiving countless…

Listening To Old Folks

Veterans have lots to tell us if we stop and listen

Listening To Old Warriors

This Journey called Life.

After celebrating forty years of existence, I thought I’d share some tidbits of what I’ve learned ….

Let’s start by saying ….

They Were Better Than That…So Are You

Why I Won’t Guilt-Trip America on Memorial Day

Montana Gent is a West Point graduate and an Infantry captain currently

How I tried to quit the liberal guilt machine and failed

Being a leftie is like being a Catholic, in that it’s a constant stream of neverending guilt. We’re expected to constantly atone for our privilege, which, like original sin, we can never be rid of. And we don’t even get the cool artwork. If you have otherwise normal liberal friends, every few weeks they’ll post something online…


By any standards, Marian could be a handsome man: he’s tall and slim; he has nicely shaped muscles on his arms, delicate features, full lips, big blue eyes. He would do anything for his

On Leaving Indianapolis

and on ghosts, on memory, on dying, on almost dying, on life, on monuments, on moving, on late-night seances, on catacombs, on rabbit blood, on cities, on white guilt…

Self-driving cars and the Trolley problem

Google recently announced that their self-driving car has driven more than a million miles. According to Morgan Stanley, self-driving cars will be commonplace in society by ~2025. This got me thinking about the ethics and philosophy behind these cars, which is what the piece is about.

I Let IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week

Originally published at www.howwegettonext.com.

If you’ve been following IBM’s Watson project and like food…

A Beautiful Disorganised Mess

Secrets of Discovery

Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

By Pos

I Was Bullied So Badly, I Considered Killing Myself

Many years before I was a world class professional fighter, I was just a kid who didn’t fit in — and that made me

Losing It

Why is my hair circling the drain?

As a person pushing toward the Big 6–0 (egads!), I can honestly say this: I sure don’t feel old.

Organized Crime on Wall Street

Why Stringer Bell should have been a Wall Street CEO

One of the central dramas of the early seasons of The Wire is the cat-and…