I Let IBM’s Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook for a Week

If you’ve been following IBM’s Watson project and like food, you may have noticed growing excitement among chefs, gourmands and…

A Beautiful Disorganised Mess

Secrets of Discovery

Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

By Pos

I Was Bullied So Badly, I Considered Killing Myself

Many years before I was a world class professional fighter, I was just a kid who didn’t fit in — and that made me

Losing It

Why is my hair circling the drain?

As a person pushing toward the Big 6–0 (egads!), I can honestly say this: I sure don’t feel old.

Organized Crime on Wall Street

Why Stringer Bell should have been a Wall Street CEO

One of the central dramas of the early seasons of The Wire is the cat-and…

This Scientist Is Using Bacteria to Detect Cancer — and For His Latest Art Project

Bioengineer Tal Danino is working out how to instruct bacteria to enter cancerous tumors — where…

Future Living: Sense Sleep Tracker

Future Living is an ongoing series focused on smarthome and other web connected products. In this series, I take a look into how these smart products can

The Mystery of the Power Bank Phone Taking Over Accra

Have you noticed an odd bulge in people’s shorts around Accra?

It’s likely because, like many of my friends, they’ve recently acquired a new phone. But it’s not the iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It’s this thing:


A drone story

I want to thank you all for inviting me here today. It’s always a pleasure to speak at my alma mater, particularly on commencement.

The Wiggle Theory

I love it when I arrive at the BART station just as a train pulls up, and there are SEATS! I take it as a good omen for the day, in the sense that the omen is part of the day, and it was good.

Almost 12 hours in to this experiment and I’m still excited about it. So while I have this momentum, let me tell you about one of the weirder theories that have been…

What Periscope Reveals About U.S. Telecom Infrastructure

When Periscope exploded onto the scene a month ago, it quickly set a new industry standard for the possibilities of video…

The Profound Art Of Rock Climbing

Despite the inherent difficulty (and oftentimes great risk) associated with the sport, why, exactly, are so many completely obsessed

What’s the Mast Brothers formula?

What a pleasant surprise. What started as a light confusion, triggered your senses to wake up and respond: what’s this? (confusion), some kind of climax…

When the heck did learning to code become cool?

And why it sucks to be a beginner today…

If you — like me — became a software engineer before the Internet was…

Brands, The New Merchants of Cool

What happens when corporations replace major labels as patrons of independent music?

The Art & Use of the Table Flip

People are calling 2015 the year of…

The Mother of All Maker Faires

The 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area was an amazing event, an ongoing celebration of making in our culture as well as the emergence of maker culture. Maker…

Can Anyone Save the Surf Industry?

Worldwide interest in surfing, when measured by the volume of Google searches for the sport, has declined at an alarming rate over the past decade. During this period, some of the surf industry’s biggest players, Quiksilver (Ticker: ZQK) and Billabong (Ticker: BBG), have been sucked into…

The Big Lebowskemoji

The annotated Big Lebowskemoji

Sharing Cars With Strangers: Part I

Maybe it’s easier to tell stories like this, when you’re both driving the same way.

The Bill Gates / Osama Bin Laden Library Smackdown

What If Don Draper Was a Woman?

Unlikeable male anti-heroes abound, and their struggles — nay, their plights — are regarded as serious stuff. Jay Gatsby, Don Draper, Tony Soprano, Walter…

North Briton #45

The forgotten history of the Fourth Amendment, and its relevance for reforming the Patriot Act