Streaming with the Fishes

Modern music industry tactics feel like tricks from the old neighborhood

Combating Corruption in Ukraine

Investigative Reporting from

For Ukraine to qualify for the international support it will need to rebuild its…

For Post-9/11 Veterans, the Best Thank You Is a Good Job

Matt Richtel’s recent New York Times piece on thanking veterans for their service raised an important but rarely asked question: Is thanking veterans a good thing?

As a vet myself, I understand the mixed emotions of being on the receiving end of “Thank you for your service.” But as a professional focused every…

Telling the story of your employer brand

Employer branding is all about storytelling. Often, the focus is on the general story of an organization as an employer. But…

What happens when US rates rise? Three Scenarios

If I was stuck on a desert island, tasked with monitoring the health or otherwise of the global economy and allowed access to only one snippet of data a day, I know exactly which data series I’d choose: the yield on ten year US Treasury Bonds (i.e. the interest rate paid to people holding US government debt due in ten years’ time).

How do you know whether fiction or memoir is the mode you should be writing in?

in which I do not provide a definitive answer, but do list some pros and cons.

This is an adaptation of a very short and quite self-indulgent talk I gave at Sarah Lawrence last week. The best part was definitely the Q&A. The people in SLC’s writing program are super…

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Prison Bus: The Big Apple to the Big House and Back

A Photographer Joins the Women and Children Who Ride Overnight Buses to New York’s Upstate Prisons Where Their…

This Short Film Is Empowering Men in Pakistan to Vaccinate Their Children

There’s an escalating polio problem in Pakistan. Last year, there was a record 306 new polio cases in the…

Jesus and the Uber Driver

THE OTHER KIDS who attend my daughter’s public school live within two blocks of it, but our home is a mile away. Most days, we enjoy the walk. But this winter has…

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Into the Blues

During the winter months, when the thermometer hovers below “chilly” and the sky turns metallic, I have to dig a little deeper for my joy. This stretch of calendar feels trip…

Congratulations! It’s a cat

The not so crazy life of a cat lover


It’s A Cat.

My Life on Floors


Gravity must have a stronger pull on childhood. It was all board games and sleepovers and action figure scenes and Legos and naptime and butterfly…

Inspired, enraged, or otherwise engaged by something you just read?

Medium responses take comments to a whole new level.

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The Secret Policeman’s Toy Shop

The UK Home Office’s Security and Policing Exhibition is a trove of Orwellian goodies

Let Him Dance

Protecting gender-expansive youth

(Trigger warning: suicide, homophobia, transphobia)


I’m quoted in an article:

“I was 22 and the Internet was new and everyone was sitting around a table chatting and laughing,” Ford told me. “Who went to parties where no one knew each other?”

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Finding the Dense City Hidden in Los Angeles

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is a city with no center, a sprawling, car-centric expanse where pedestrians are rare and public…

The Religious Experience of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

Fifty years on, the masterwork has come to stand for everything that is real and authentic in jazz

The Un/Built Environment, or Documenting Failure

It’s easy to think that, because something fails, it isn’t worth a damn: a relationship, a job, a grant application, etc. I wish I could say that life experience has taught me otherwise, but—if I’m being honest—archival research is responsible for my optimism (as well as the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”). I’ve taken…

Captain’s Log. Spock’s Dead. The Cartoons… Are Bad.

On Book Reviews

Or: how to avoid the boneyard of dead metaphors

I’ve begun to get interested in book reviews. Sure enough, I’ve been writing a book of my own,

Ode to the Night House

“Je cherchais quand même si j’y étais pour rien dans tout ça. C’etait froid et silencieux chez moi. Comme une petite nuit dans un coin de la grande, exprès pour moi…

My new role as YouTube’s Head of Captioning Accessibility

Last night I had a dream* that I’d been short-listed for a managerial role with YouTube, with a specific focus on improving…

A Man Living With a Feminist: The Things One Learns

My partner is a feminist, I know it for a fact.

I know it because she told me so. One day, long before we were even engaged to be wed, while drinking the blood of virgins at one of the three tables we had in our apartment at the time she just outright told me, “I’m a feminist.” She said it as though it was no big deal so I…

How the United States Can Remain the World Leader in Medical Innovation

The United States has been the world leader in medical innovation, but can we keep that lead? In the 21st…