Third-Wave Feminism’s New Frontier: Mixed Martial Arts?

Women fighting inside a cage? The UFC may seem an unlikely place to cite the movement, but the fit is better

Out of the Woods: Juniper Ridge Bottles the Great Outdoors

I’ve somehow found myself facedown in a Sierra Nevada meadow, my nose buried in the earth in an attempt to gather an

Mostly Mute Monday: A GLIMPSE of the Galaxy

The Spitzer Space Telescope has imaged our entire galactic plane in the infrared, and it’s a 180,000 pixel spectacular.

Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One

EXCLUSIVE: On Yahoo’s 20th Anniversary, its CEO talks about turning around — and maybe transforming — an Internet icon

Genius Is More Common Than You Think

Big ideas aren’t rare. They’re common — striking many people at the same time. How “multiples” can change the way you think

Parenting Advice: Don’t Kill Them

Having had kids before most of my friends, I’ve now reached the stage in life when many in my circle are coming to me for parenting advice.

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I Understand Where Martin Feldstein Starts, But Not Where He Ends Up…

Over at Equitable Growth: Vir illustris Martin Feldstein starts by saying: downward nominal price stickiness is such a thing that we do not have to worry about deflationary spirals in consumer prices. I agree. But I do not understand where his argument ends up:

Martin Feldstein: The Deflation Bogeyman:…

The Dress Color: Suddenly the Whole World is Colorblind Too

Leonard Nimoy’s Letter to All of Us

Growing up biracial, I loved Mr. Spock. Now I understand why.

I remember vividly the first time that I came across…

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Watch & Wear

Taking the Apple Watch for a test drive.

What if you could experience a little bit of the Apple Watch today? Wouldn’t you love to try one…

11 Insanely Great iOS Developers Sites

Never stop learning from others

To get from good to great, I believe we have to constantly learn from others, and become…

Remembering Boris Nemtsov: “Two Bears Cannot Live in One Lair.”

Ukraine did not have to be weak for Russia to be strong, he screamed at Putin’s deaf ears.

On Becoming a Ukrainian American and Boris Nemtsov

Each quotation is a Ukrainian proverb, except the last.

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The Broader Net Neutrality Narrative

In early 2006, AOL and Yahoo announced plans to charge senders of email a small ‘postage fee’ to have their email delivered to AOL and Yahoo customers. This fee would cost roughly one fourth of a penny per email, so small as to be virtually insignificant. While not particularly onerous in the context of real space, where delivering mail has per item…

Here’s How Steve Schwarzman Gets Paid

Steve Schwarzman, the head of the Blackstone Group, is one of the richest men on Wall Street. But the way he makes his hundreds of millions annually is not easy to divine from Blackstone’s public disclosures.

So here is an attempt to explain it. The information is all contained in Blackstone’s annual 10-K form, which it filed on…

*Shatner Voice* Spock! Look…Out. It’s…Nerd Purity.💾

Your sacred cow was killed in a transporter accident

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How To Save The World From Death By Plastic

We’re drowning in this stuff, let’s do something about it.

My parents raised me to recycle.

The Future of Work: Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

It’s time to change the way we work.

The Future of Work:

A View from Inside the Welfare System

This August, it will be three years since I left a job as a clerk with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (now the Pennsylvania Department…

The Perils of the Personal Essay

There’s an element of solipsism to everything, darling. We are inside ourselves looking out, desperately trying to gather the

Hollywood Rewritten

The oft-repeated narrative when it comes to the studio system right now is one of a legacy industry obsessed with flaccid sequels and masturbatory franchises. Studio heads…

Black & Blue And Read All Over

A few weeks ago I was on a train heading across the UK. To my right, two gentlemen were reading periodicals. Seeing printed words in the wild instead of…

The Russian Leviathan state vs. Boris Nemtsov

The gangland-style murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov in the center of Moscow — just steps away from the Kremlin…

Music Industry Finally Approves Global Release Dates

Surprise albums from Drake and Jack Ü underline a new approach: music is no longer “goin’ up on a Tuesday”

Where the Real Skyscrapers Are (Hint: North Dakota)

Many of the tallest structures in the world are not designed by starchitects, and you’ve likely never seen them

Translated: THE WORLD GOVERNMENT How Silicon Valley controls our future

Oh, My!

Just 12 hours ago, I posted a brief piece about the continuing Europtechnopanic…