Capitalism won today: HRC 8/100

5 August, 2016 | Index

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Ever have one of those days where capitalism won over democracy? Today was one of those days for me.

As a result, I was not really able to find a lot of time to write you but my health insurance company Anthem BC/BS of Ohio won’t care that I wasn’t a good citizen today. If I can’t pay their premiums in full and on time every month, they will cut me off. Apparently voting and engaging my government means nothing to them.

My only value to you is my vote. My only value to them is my dollar. These two things are mostly at odds with each other every day in what I’m told is the greatest example of democracy in the world.

Something is not right about this model. We need real Universal Care.


Gerard McLean

cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown