No humans care enough to pause: HRC 47/100

13 September, 2016 | Index

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Gerard Mclean here, from Englewood, Ohio, just north of Dayton. There were 100 days from your nomination to election, so I’m writing you 100 letters. This is the forty-seventh letter. The others can be found in your USPS mailbox or online at

Today, I found out from the Ohio Department of Insurance that Anthem BC/BS of Ohio basically approves their own requests for premium increases, that there is little to no actual human oversight.

In a letter sent by a Records Custodian, she writes:

When filings are submitted to the Department, if they have followed all the guidelines and Regulations that the Insurance company must follow then they are approved. There is no form or letter that is sent to them.

When the rate filings or form filings are approved they are “closed as filed” in the electronic system called SERFF. That is how the company knows they have been approved.

Does this shock you as much as it does me? For whom does the Department of Insurance work, the health insurance corporations or the citizens of the State of Ohio? As a reminder, Anthem BC/BS of Ohio increased my premiums by 29% this year.

We need UniversalCare, SinglePayer, MedicareForAll. This lack of oversight has clearly gotten way out of hand. Under the ACA, there is little regulation that prevents insurance corporations from stripping us of all our meager savings before we can reach Medicare Age.


Gerard McLean
cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown