Third debate, still here: 83/100

19 October, 2016 | Index

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Gerard Mclean here, from Englewood, Ohio, about seventy miles west of Columbus, This is the eighty-third letter of one hundred I am writing you on health care; one for each day between your nomination and your election. The previous letters can be found in your USPS mailbox or online at

I will be watching the third presidential debate tonight. Good luck, even though you probably don’t need luck as years of experience and serious preparation usually masquerade as luck.

Funny how hard work makes this look easy… it’s a lesson your opponent should have learned by now.

I will be watching for mentions of health care policy, specifically about how you will be expanding the ACA to cover us who have fallen into the hole Bill had previously identified. We’re still here and, short of dying off or going bankrupt due to medical bills, we are not going away.

We need SinglePayer, MedicareForAll, UniversalCare now. I hope to hear some specifics tonight.


Gerard McLean
cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown