Assignment #7

The personal essay is a free-wheeling vehicle of self-expression. It’s a representation of the truest self — an honest depiction of your experience, your feelings, thoughts, or opinions about an idea or an event.

So, what’s your story?

That can be a loaded question, so think about it in simpler terms, like: What’s a moment or experience that has defined you? What’s a lesson you’ve learned in the past? Or a challenge you’ve overcome? What are you passionate about and why? Who or what inspires you?

Bijan Stephen wrote about The Talk black parents give their children to prepare them for life in America. Cord Jefferson wrote an essay, On Kindness, about his mother and how he felt when she was diagnosed with cancer. Alan Hanson wrote about a weekend he spent in the psych ward.

Help us paint an even bigger picture of what it’s like to be 18 in America right now. Join the conversation by responding to this post with your story.

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