3rd December, 2017 — Chronicle 13

Here are the 7 bullets of the week :

  1. [Podcast of the week] ShunyaOne- This podcast with Jonathan Bill gives great insights into how Indian customers are different from the US and Chinese customers. Listen to it here -

2. [Twitter thread of the week] Advice that everyone knows -

3. [DEV BULLET OF THE WEEK ] AWS Re-Invent 2017 Summary- The annual AWS conference happened this past week and released a bouquet of developer services. You can browse the list of services using the below link. My top 3 favorites from this year release are- 1) AWS Neptune- Hosted Graph database 2) AWS Aurora server-less- server-less database as a service 3) AWS Lambda now supports Go

4. SaaS by Indians and for Indians — When I think of a made in India software for Indian customers only one big company comes to mind- Tally. As Indian market matures and SME’s adopt saas we will see many Indian Saas companies who will scale to a million Indian customers. There is a distinct lack of resources related India specific Sales and marketing advice available. Almost resources point to developed markets where- Recurring billings have been adopted long ago, customer self-serve etc. I wish someone can start a resource to aggregate Indian specific Saas sales and marketing advice.

5. [TWEET OF THE WEEK] Advise you will you give your younger self -

Naval Ravikant started a twitter thread this week asking people to tell what advise they would give to their younger selves, there were loads of great answers. Few recurring themes found in answers — Read more, exercise regularly, keep learning and find more me-time. Posting screen shots of some of the replies I liked -

You can read the thread here- https://twitter.com/naval/status/914189738453622784

6. My consistent failure- For the past 6 months I have been trying to adopt keeping a daily journal- List all your important tasks throughout the day and close the day with 5 minute me-time- thinking over how the day went. I have consistently failed at this. If anyone reading this has been successfully able to adopt this habit I would love to know more.

7. [JOKE OF THE WEEK]Definition of corporate email- Corporate email — when the number of recipients in a mail chain is greater than characters in the message.

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