8 Circuit Studios Roadmap Explained

Products, Platforms, and Portals to the Metaverse

Getting from here to there

It’s one thing to say you’re going to build a part of the metaverse, it’s another to execute on a plan to make it happen. However, good advisers will tell you: break a larger goal into smaller goals. Here, we highlight the timeline for 8 Circuit Studios to achieve the necessary milestones to unlock the first portals into the metaverse.

Space Drop and Mobile Wallet

Q1 2018— Blockchains can be confusing to new users. That means there is a lot of room for improvement, but if you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset, it also means there is a lot of opportunity to satisfy a market demand and to demonstrate differentiation.

The priority for 8 Circuit Studios in Q1 2018 was to focus on making crypto easy and accessible. After the Wave 1 Token Sale, we focused on two objectives: a wallet and adding a system to our existing platform to easily and quickly distribute 8 Bit Tokens.

We’ve given thousands of tokens away during our Alien Arsenal Space Drop. Be sure to download the game on mobile today to claim the 8 Bit Token gifts from friendly visitors before they run out!

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Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain

Q2 2018— Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain was our opportunity to improve on the progress of making blockchains easy and accessible. It was also our chance to see what players really cared about in a mobile game that is connected to the blockchain. We learned a great deal about the importance of ownership and gameplay, and perhaps more critically, we learned how to build better games as a result of our experience working with the blockchain.

Wave 2: 8 Bit Token Sale

Q3 2018WAVE 2: The Wave 2 Token Sale is the event that will provide holders of ETH an opportunity to directly purchase the 8 Bit Tokens from 8 Circuit Studios in unrestricted quantities of up to 5 million 8BT’s. The token sale will begin on October 1, 2018 and last until October 30, 2018.

For additional details for our 8BT sale, check out this article here.

Concept art for the avatar system


Q4 2018— AVATARS: The Avatar System will create tokenized identities on the Ethereum blockchain. Initially these identities will be able to migrate between the metaverse ecosystem we are cultivating, but they will also be developed to function as an alternate authorization key like one uses the same way they can use their Civic tokens.

API and Partnerships

Q1 2019 — To connect to blockchains using the capabilities 8 Circuit Studios has developed, developers will need API’s and platform tools. We are currently working with our proto-partners to field test our application programming interface and expect to have it available for public 3rd party developer use early next year.

In this article, you’ll be the first to get a sneak peek at one such partnership: Mankind Reborn. Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk first and third-person MMO set in the near future. It is an ambitious title that makes a perfect addition to the 8 Circuit Studios ecosystem of collaboration.

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Project Genesis: Alpha

Q2 2019 — Project Genesis has undergone a significant reboot: multiplayer, upgraded space combat mechanics, advanced first person shooter capabilities. The aim is to provide our community the exclusive opportunity to see what is possible with games on the blockchain. With triple-A visuals and a visceral tactics-based experience, players should expect to see the culmination of our blockchain-based development in the Unreal engine.

Blockchain games are going to get an upgrade

The Virtuous Cycle of an Ecosystem

Q3+ 2019 — Beyond Q2 2019 we enter into the development and reinforcement of our collaborative ecosystem and community. Our focus will be on building the technology that empowers developers, delights gamers, and demonstrates new business models thanks to the creative application of blockchain technology.

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