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4 min readNov 4, 2021


Welcome back to 8PAY’s HQ for our second Advanced Feature in just over a month. At 8PAY, we are focused on creating innovative blockchain solutions and experiences.

So, today, we’re proud to announce the release of Scheduled Payments.

Punctuality plays an important role in our lives. It enables us to maintain professional relationships, such as the relationship between an employer and his employee. From now on, everybody can use 8PAY to automatise crypto payrolls and recurring transfers without locking the funds in advance.

8PAY has always aimed to improve the way payments are sent and received through the blockchain. And we will continue developing these improvements.

Our deep integration with blockchain and software engineering lets you enjoy a seamless Payment experience with our amazing UI.

You can set up as many scheduled or recurring payments as you need and name each one of them differently.

To set one up, tap “Scheduled Payments” on the main navigation slider. To view and check a recurring payment, tap on the payment you want to see, and you’ll be able to pause, activate, or delete it at any time.

To further understand the potential of Scheduled Payments, here’s how it works:

  1. Click Scheduled Payments

A new section of the UI will appear, if this is the first time you are using one of 8PAY’s advanced features (like AutoBiller), you will see this banner warning you to activate your GasWallet.

If you don’t know how to enable your GasWallet and why it’s needed please read this article:

Learn more about GasWallet

Once the GasWallet is activated, we are ready to proceed with the creation of the first scheduled payment.

2. Click on Create Scheduled Payment a right slider will appear:

Here you can see the form to fill in with the information needed to start the scheduling process.

Name: This is a reference name you can give to your scheduled payment, the name will be displayed in the Dashboard for easy recognition.

Category: Select your favourite category from those available.

Date: Choose a day from the calendar, which will set the start date of the scheduled payment.

Repeat: Choose the frequency with which the scheduled payment will be processed , could be

Never (One Time only) | Daily | Weekly | Monthly

Receivers: From this section you can choose the destination address(es) to which the funds should be sent.
Enter the address and the respective amount.

3. Once you have filled in the from we are ready to click on the Create Scheduled Payment button .

Once the transaction it’s confirmed you will see your Scheduled Payment under the Active section.

By clicking on the payment you have just created you will be able to view all the information such as:

Starting Time , Next Payment Time , Receivers and all the execution of completed payments.

Failed payments and smart retry

What if there are not enough funds to execute the transfer? 8PAY will notify you of the failed payment and will check once a day if you have added enough funds. In this way, you won’t spend gas fees on failed payments and once you deposit new funds in your wallet the payment will be automatically executed.

Updated Tier program

Naturally, we want to bring this Scheduled Payments experience to more people than ever before, so today we are excited to also introduce a brand new benefit to our Tier program.

From now on, in just two clicks, you can Schedule as many payments as you wish for FREE if you are one of our Platinum users.


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