Different Tribe, Same Bloodline.

Tribe Odyssey
5 min readDec 31, 2021

0xApes is not affiliated with BAYC but we pay homage to them.

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There are no duplicates of the original BAYC Assortment.

0xApes is an ‘Expansion Pack’ for the BAYC Apeverse. A standalone Collection of 10,000 distinctive and collectable Apes that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This is a unique and separate collection. 0xApes is on a mission to pay homage to the King Kong’s of the Ethereum Blockchain whilst paying special attention to present a collection that embodies both the unique culture and community that is inherent in the sensation that is BAYC.

0xApes is here to add further refinement, uniqueness and growth to the ever-expanding Metaverse.

Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Refine.

We deconstructed 160 property layers from the BAYC collection and subsequently reconstructed a collection ensuring each 0xApe is unique [refined] from apes in both the BAYC and 0xApes collections.

The BAYC traits can be isolated into seven property profiles.

The team has chosen just a single color for the background. This color is defined as ‘Banana Yellow’ Hex #ffd42f 🟨.

#ffd42f is different to the background colorways available in the BAYC range and should be an obvious distinction to those from that collection.

Ape Generation (🧬,🧪)

To avoid duplicated results during the generation process parameters were implemented to ensure BAYC’s metadata was accurately assessed and compared to the metadata of each new 0xApe. Some of these parameters included:

0xApes singular background compared to the eight BAYC background variations. This required an exclusion to be made that compared all properties excluding the background property.

The absence of attributes in the Bored Apes is not indicated I.e. ‘No Hat’. In order to overcome this it required simulating a non-existent attribute to complete each 0xApe. This was a vital procedure to ensure uniqueness.

The extraction of BAYC’s metadata enabled the comparison of the new dictionary of characters (0xApes), one by one, with fixed BAYC data.

This was 0xApes method to achieve non duplicated apes across both collections. The sha256 was not viable due to the BAYC’s backgrounds creating a totally different hash for the image, thus the iteration method was mandatory.

Design Amendments

We are BAYC community and artwork maximalists; however we were able to identify design flaws that were amended before generating the 0xApes collection.

Additionally, we also identified property layers that did not interact with each other due to outcomes that would propose design flaws. Design parameters were introduced that allowed these layers to interact, and thus produce apes made from trait combinations that were otherwise excluded from the BAYC collection.

We’ve included a few examples below:

BAYC #2740 (left) ‘Crazy’ eye property is positioned under the hair (right eye). 0xApes (right) has positioned the eye to extrude past the hair layer.
BAYC #7561 (left) ‘Sailor Shirt’ clothing property has an unmasked section outside the shirt outline. 0xApes (right) has removed this section from this property.
BAYC #1418 (left) ‘Scumbag’ eye property layer conflicts with ‘Stuntman Helmet’ hat property layer. This also applies to other eye properties that interact with the Stuntman Helmet. 0xApe (right) Scumbag eye property layer rectified.
BAYC #7665 (left) is an example of two different property traits interacting producing layering issues. In this case the ‘3d’ eye trait (along with many others) were not adequately displayed when interacting with the ‘Police Motorcycle Helmet’ hat trait. 0xApes (right) has introduced additional parameters to prevent this issue.
BAYC #4506 (left) ‘Eyepatch’ eye property upon closer inspection (zoomed in) seems to have unfinished sections. 0xApes (right) filled this section of this property.
BAYC’s ‘Blue Beam’ eye trait interacts with only 5 hat options. This is due to the beam crossing over the apes forehead resulting in hat property layering issues. 0xApes implemented additional measures that enabled greater hat interaction I.e. Crown & Blue Beam (unseen in BAYC’s collection).
BAYC #2089 (left) ‘Solid Gold’ fur property has light flares showing from behind the puffy vest. When the ape does not have a clothing trait this flare is properly displayed. The 0xApes collection (right) removed this when the ape is allocated a clothing trait.
BAYC #8544 (left) ‘Grin Gold Grill’ mouth property star glare is not shown over the grill and lip outline (also applies to Grin Diamond Grill). 0xApe (right) star glare layer lays on top of the mouth property.

Future-proof || 0% Marketplace Fees

We are developing a standalone marketplace where users can BUY, SELL and BID on 0xApes. The UI/UX components are currently in the final stages of development and we are scheduled to begin stress testing (Rinkeby)in the next 10-days.

Marketplace deployment will proceed once stress testing has been completed and 85% of the 0xApes supply has been minted.

The aim is to ensure buyers, owners and future holders have the ability to trade apes on a secure and safe platform without incurring significant (and sometimes unfair) marketplace fees.


Due to the complications from the original v1 0xApes mint and the continued contract issues with our v2 attempt there has understandably, been a delay in the deployment of our standalone Marketplace.

It is critical that once live, our Marketplace operates smoothly enabling our users to Buy, Sell and trade their Apes in the most cost effective, fastest, and secure manner possible. To ensure this, we must continue stress testing. Test, test, and more tests! This process cannot be rushed, and we will be calling on the 0xApes community during this time.

The Marketplace is an extremely exciting and important milestone in the 0xApes Roadmap. Once achieved, it could be an absolute game changer. Enlisting our community members to assist in stress testing the Marketplace will not only expedite the process but will also assist in the transparency of what we are building and the mission we hope to achieve. 0xApes… Built by the people, for the people. Community driven.

Deflationary Apes. Wen Extinct?

Each transaction related to the buying and selling of APES will incur a 2% creator royalty. The proceeds generated will facilitate two things:

  1. 80% of the proceeds will be used to acquire market apes will be locked in the 0xApe Vault forever (unless voted upon by the community to release them in an agreed manner I.e. giveaways etc).
  2. 20% of the proceeds will be used to maintain the 0xApe ecosystem. I.e. Community moderators, social media manager, dev etc.

The Launch

There will be no whitelist. There will be no presale. There will be no mint limit. 0xApes will be instantly revealed.

Stealth launch? Highly probable.

Max Supply: 10,000
Price: 0.05 ETH
Date: TBA
Rarity Ranking: Initiated day of launch

Stay up to date on our following communication channels:

Website / Discord / Twitter

Other Medium Articles that have been published, please click:

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