Different Tribe, Same Bloodline.

Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Refine.

Ape Generation (🧬,🧪)

Design Amendments

BAYC #2740 (left) ‘Crazy’ eye property is positioned under the hair (right eye). 0xApes (right) has positioned the eye to extrude past the hair layer.
BAYC #7561 (left) ‘Sailor Shirt’ clothing property has an unmasked section outside the shirt outline. 0xApes (right) has removed this section from this property.
BAYC #1418 (left) ‘Scumbag’ eye property layer conflicts with ‘Stuntman Helmet’ hat property layer. This also applies to other eye properties that interact with the Stuntman Helmet. 0xApe (right) Scumbag eye property layer rectified.
BAYC #7665 (left) is an example of two different property traits interacting producing layering issues. In this case the ‘3d’ eye trait (along with many others) were not adequately displayed when interacting with the ‘Police Motorcycle Helmet’ hat trait. 0xApes (right) has introduced additional parameters to prevent this issue.
BAYC #4506 (left) ‘Eyepatch’ eye property upon closer inspection (zoomed in) seems to have unfinished sections. 0xApes (right) filled this section of this property.
BAYC’s ‘Blue Beam’ eye trait interacts with only 5 hat options. This is due to the beam crossing over the apes forehead resulting in hat property layering issues. 0xApes implemented additional measures that enabled greater hat interaction I.e. Crown & Blue Beam (unseen in BAYC’s collection).
BAYC #2089 (left) ‘Solid Gold’ fur property has light flares showing from behind the puffy vest. When the ape does not have a clothing trait this flare is properly displayed. The 0xApes collection (right) removed this when the ape is allocated a clothing trait.
BAYC #8544 (left) ‘Grin Gold Grill’ mouth property star glare is not shown over the grill and lip outline (also applies to Grin Diamond Grill). 0xApe (right) star glare layer lays on top of the mouth property.

Future-proof || 0% Marketplace Fees


Deflationary Apes. Wen Extinct?

  1. 80% of the proceeds will be used to acquire market apes will be locked in the 0xApe Vault forever (unless voted upon by the community to release them in an agreed manner I.e. giveaways etc).
  2. 20% of the proceeds will be used to maintain the 0xApe ecosystem. I.e. Community moderators, social media manager, dev etc.

The Launch




Different Tribe, Same Bloodline.

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Different Tribe, Same Bloodline.

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