The Future of Open Source Software

Antirez, you’ve done a great job with Redis so far. This isn’t much, but hopefully it’s enough to let you know there is interest in Redis. Keep up the great work. -Brad


Breaking Bitcoin

Saving Bitcoin

Privatizing network infrastructure destroys blockchains.. These are the hidden reasons why blockchains get captured.

Saving Open-Source Software

One More Thing

How the Web Was Won

By converting long-standing collective action problems into self-sustaining economic networks, [Bitcoin and Saito are] innovating age-old problems that prevent large-scale collaboration — enabling cooperative behaviors at a level never seen before. —Organizations 2.0

Today, we all live in digital company towns; corporations own everything and we buy from them. Tomorrow, we’ll live in digital metropolises that we own, with a real economy — 10,000x the scale of today. A new digital frontier.

Software eats the world.

Disintermediating Network effects for fun means standing on the shoulders of giants to gain superpowers and blast through complex collective action problems that have existed since the dawn of civilization.

Disintermediating Network effects for profit means playing modern-day Robin Hood, unbundling the rent-seeking corporations of yesterday into tomorrow’s networks of the people, by the people, for the people.

“You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling” — Inception

Disintermediating Network Effects for Fun and Profit

The earliest people into the technology didn’t realize they were already a part of the experiment, they’d already started changing. —The Zen of Saito



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