Traits of a Start-up Employee!

What makes a Start-up employee different from someone who works for renowned or well established players in the industry? Technically speaking there should not be any difference as both of them are expected to give their best.However, there are certain qualities or skills which will always separate a Start-up employee from the others.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced both sides of the world. (Even though having said that, I have remained the same person in both the situations.) It’s probably this fact that allows me to appreciate this difference even more.

Working in a well established company is like moving into a fully furnished house where you get everything in place.There could be some minor hiccups but nothing big as such.You would have all the processes and systems well-defined and ready to use.There is no such thing as starting from scratch. You go in and use your skills to complete projects and tasks which are assigned to you (your role). On the way you learn and develop skills!

Come to the world of Start-ups and this is where all the fun is.In comparison, this is more like moving into an unfurnished house.Yes! you do work on projects and tasks here as well. But that alone is not what it takes to be part of a Start-up. Every individual is expected to rise to the occasion and take ownership, no matter how little it is. There is no room for “This is not working.” The only thing that a start-up employee should ever say is “Look! I found a solution to the issue which we faced yesterday!

Every single employee is equally responsible to take the Start-up from being a Start-up to a Giant! This is what excites me. It feels like a family where everyone works towards the happiness, stability and growth of the company. You fight, you disagree but you stick together through thick and thin, and in the end you celebrate together.

Each one of the family members works towards furnishing an unfurnished house so that everyone can live happily together.This sense of belonging is what every Start-up employee needs to have in-built in him! Being part of a Start-up demands loads of unconditional love, dedication and motivation.

Miss Independent! I wish to visit every single Castle & Beach.Nothing excites me like solving problems. Senior Customer Support Engineer @Hackerrank.

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