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The 60dB editorial team created more than 700 stories, mostly newsy interviews with journalists. We also did original reporting and commentary, sometimes co-produced with public radio shows and podcasts. We curated collections of diverse viewpoints on the news of the day. Much of that work is now preserved in this Medium archive.

Members of our editorial team picked some of their favorite stories to highlight here:

Brenda Salinas

Brenda Salinas’ stories include:

She made collections about immigration and gun rights. See her full author page here.

Hannah McBride

Hannah McBride’s highlights are:

With Hurricane Irma so close on the heels of Harvey, volunteer squads like Louisiana’s Cajun Navy are primed to use a walkie-talkie app called Zello for civilian search & rescue.
“In 2009 I became a statistic.” Che Hammond was stopped, searched and handcuffed in the parking lot of his gym, with no explanation from officers on the scene. That incident launched a three-year court battle that changed both Che and the San Jose police department.
A 1983 made-for-TV movie called “The Day After” brought the horror of nuclear holocaust to everyday families. Director Nicholas Meyer, who’s also directed Star Trek films, says it was the most important work he’s ever done.

She made a multi-part series about 4chan here. See her full archive here.

Liz Gannes

Here are some selections from Liz Gannes:

See Liz’s full archive here.

Steve Henn

Steve Henn’s stories included talking with Motherboard about Russian hacking during the election. He interviewed Republicas backing Clinton for President, and reported on the deplorable lack of venture capital investment in technology companies led by women. See his full archive here.

Daisy Rosario’s full story archive is here, Michael Simon Johnson’s is here, Lewis Wallace’s is here, Peter Maroulis’ is here and Sonia Paul’s is here.

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