ANN: AIAS Main-Net & Web Wallets Are Live!

The AIAS Team are delighted to announce that following the success of our Test-Net, the AIAS Main-Net is now live!

But that’s not the only good news — our Windows, Linux and Web Wallets are also live!

You can find the link to our Main-Net below.
Main-Net Explorer:

Within the AIAS Explorer, users can also enjoy features such as the AIAS Masternode calculator, whereby users are able to explore their potential return on investment (ROI) from purchasing and running a masternode.
Furthermore, on the AIAS Explorer, users have the ability to review the AIAS Masternode map which provides updates of masternodes running in real-time!

AIAS Wallets
The AIAS Team did not declare that a Web Wallet would be developed as part of our initial Road-Map; however as an added surprise to our masternode owners and community members, we decided to pile on the good news!

The AIAS Windows, Linux and Web Wallets are also now live (Initial release)! See below for the links.

Windows Wallet:

Linux Wallet:

Web Wallet:

AIAS Android and Mac Wallets are currently in development, whilst community members can also look forward to the release of the IOS Wallet at a later date.

Bounty Programme
Please note that the AIAS Bounty Programme is very close — stay tuned for more updates!

Masternode Update
An update to current Masternode owners and potential purchasers: AIAS Masternodes will soon be live and development is underway to allow for a ‘one-click’ set-up script; making sure that all masternode owners will have simple task setting up their masternodes.

Stay tuned for more updates on AIAS Masternodes!

The AIAS Masternode Referral Programme
The AIAS Team would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we’re also still running our AIAS masternode referral programme, see here for more information:

The current price for a Masternode is 0.55 Bitcoin (BTC) or equivalent ETH. Get yours whilst the price of Bitcoin is so low!

We hope you enjoyed all the good news and look forward to seeing you in our community channels.

The AIAS Team

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