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The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) has over the past year conducted a broad range of work, including original research, approaching the supreme court and citizen engagement to stop the menace of Section 66A. IFF, which works with an objective to protect our digital rights, is now taking yet another step, with support from CivicDataLab and Tech4Dev to reach closer to our common goal of stopping 66A. This time through a data-driven approach.

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Section 66A and other legal zombies

What is 66A ?

As per IndiaCode (a repository of all Central and State acts), Section 66A of the Information Technology act is defined as the “Punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.” Section 66A was declared unconstitutional in the year 2015 by the Supreme Court in Shreya Singhal v. Union of india. Owing to its subjective nature and the vagueness of its definition, the court marked an end to this act, which was inserted through an amendment act in 2008 and criminalised sending “offensive messages” online. …

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Judiciary, One who upholds the law, is one of the three pillars of the constitution and a really important one. The country has seen several instances when people exercised their power (granted to them by us citizens) and tried to alter the constitution according to their needs, and some of them might have lead to abolition of our fundamental rights, and it’ll only be correct to say that the judiciary was in their way, fighting till the very end to save our constitution. …

`Wake Me Up When September Ends`

Its been a busy month, and also a month dedicated to Travel, not literally travel but at least reading and writing about it. My previous post was about Indian states I have covered till now which is followed by yet another travel cum data science post. I must admit, I’ve learnt a lot since I started writing these blogs, maybe I’ll dedicate a post on behind the scenes of every blog post I have written. It’s a roller coaster ride full of learning, scraping, try, catch, debug and of course data.

Hmm!! Travel & Data Science, two things I love in this world. Let’s start the journey fellows. …


Apoorv Anand

Works at CivicDataLab, India. Also writes at https://behindbars.netlify.com/

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