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In this tutorial, we’ll be walking through configuring Jenkins to automatically listen to changes to the GitHub repository and trigger a job to run the pipeline defined in the Jenkinsfile of the repo.


Jenkins Server For this tutorial it will be assumed that you already have a Jenkins server up and running and that you have administrator privileges on it. If you don’t have a server all ready, head over to the official documentation to get started.

(Note: if you’re familiar with Terraform take a look at my terraform module for standing up a simple Jenkins…

Using Terraform to configure AWS Logging to Splunk

Part 1: Overview


Logging is vital for visibility inside an organization, but when dealing with 100s of AWS accounts spanning multiple teams manually ensuring that logging is properly configured goes from difficult to borderline impossible.

This is exactly the problem Contino faced when working with a massive global financial ratings and intelligence firm. With a few added constraints:

  • Since the AWS accounts were actively in use we needed a solution which wouldn’t interrupt their workflow and would allow for incremental adoption (an often overlooked but important quality when architecting any solution).
  • Contino’s goal is to…


  • Windows 10
  • Python 3.5
  • GPU that supports CUDA 3.0 or higher. (See: Cuda-GPUs)

Step 1: Install Visual Studio Community 2015

  1. Join the Microsoft Dev Essentials program. (Don’t worry, it’s free)
  2. Download and Install Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 3. It might take awhile.

Step 2: Install CUDA 8.0

  1. Download and Install CUDA Toolkit 8.0.

Programs can rudimentarily be defined as something that takes in input, performs some mutation on this input and produces some output. For example, imagine a program that takes in a number and returns the square, 2 becomes 4, 3 becomes 9 and so on. But what if we don’t get to see what mutation is preformed? What if it’s just a black box and all you get to see is what goes in and comes out? If I told you that a program mutates data such that:

  • 4 -> 6
  • 6 -> 9
  • 5 -> 7.5
  • 2 -> 3


Aaron N. Brock

But why?

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