According to Alan Safahi, an experienced entrepreneur and founder of a startup company in San Francisco, a solid payment processing strategy focuses on automating transactions between merchants and customers. Essentially, third-party services offer payment processing services, including accepting and verifying transactions. How to streamline your payment processing strategy? Here are the top seven tips. Read on!

1. Do your Research

Research is an essential aspect of doing business and optimizing operations. Performing thorough research means understanding the types of payment processing methods, choosing the right solutions, and implementing them accurately. …

According to Alan Safahi, a leading entrepreneur and San Francisco-based start-up founder, the foreign exchange market is unique in various ways. It offers a wide range of benefits, such as low cost, high liquidity, leverage, volatility, low capital requirements, and no restriction on shorting.

Because forex trading is unique, it is crucial to know the best trading tools to improve your bottom line. In today’s article, we will briefly describe some of the best trading tools. Bear in mind that we have selected the following tools based on Alan Safahi Orinda’s personal experience. Read on!

1. E-Trade

E-trade is one of the…

The gig economy refers to the collection of markets that focus on a gig or job to match providers to consumers. The basic model involves gig workers entering into formal agreements with on-demand commerce or companies to provide products or services to the company’s clients.

Alan Safahi, an experienced entrepreneur and founder of a San-Francisco-based startup company, says that the gig economy will become a mainstay worldwide, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alan Safahi Orinda has done substantial research on the proliferation of on-demand products and services. The leading entrepreneur says that sharing economy will change the way people live…

The foreign exchange market is the backbone of global trade and international investments. According to Alan Safahi, an experienced entrepreneur and a leading startup founder in San Francisco, individuals and businesses must understand the significance of FX liquidity for three reasons:

· The average trading volume daily is $5.4 trillion, making foreign exchange the world’s second-largest market.

· Forex trading plays a substantial role in guaranteeing efficiency and no-arbitraging conditions in stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

· Forex trading has an over-the-counter (OTC) nature characterized by market heterogeneity, and fragmentation, causing unprecedented liquidity patterns.

Importance of Liquidity to Forex Traders

According to Alan Safahi Orinda, the forex…

Small-medium businesses play a crucial role in a country’s overall gross-domestic-product (GDP). According to Alan Safahi, a business advisor, entrepreneur, and San Francisco Startup Founder, small-medium enterprises contribute to 50% of the U.S GDP.

However, Safahi says that companies often find it challenging to manage cash flow, especially when they do business overseas with significant currency fluctuations, leading to uncertainty and risky profit margins.

Alan Safahi of Orinda advises businesses to use the right combination of cash management payment strategies to improve their cash flow and protect profits. …

A stock market crash refers to a sudden reduction in share prices. According to Alan Safahi, the San Francisco-based founder of 6 Startups and renowned entrepreneurs, a stock market crash usually occurs within a day. Most often, it is due to economic disaster, natural calamity, investor panic, or speculation.

All investors must act proactively and prepare for such crashes. Safahi says investors can deal with stock market crashes if they diversify their portfolios and shift to bonds or CDs. The question is: how to spot the next stock market crash. In today’s article, we will give you some tips based…

Nowadays in every average conversation, humans are curious to know what millionaires and billionaires do differently. However, irrespective of how many seminars, workshops and articles at their disposal they never seem to get it. If you have ever wondered why this is the case, San Francisco entrepreneur and Advisor, Alan Safahi, is here to educate you on the neglected part of every millionaire’s success story.

Hard work and perseverance are key factors to affluence but the truth is the secret to their success lies in their habits. In simple parlance they are called MANNERS; those things you think do not…

You don’t need a large upfront sum of money to start your journey into the world of investing.

A very widespread myth about investing is that you need a massive sum of money just to get started, when in reality the process of building a solid portfolio/investment account can, and often does, begin with just a few thousand — or even a few hundred — dollars.

In this guide below we offer specific advice, from both our research partners and from industry tech titans like Alan Safahi, all with the aim of helping you get started and dive into the world of investing.

Starting Strategies

Regardless of whether you plan to invest a small or hefty amount, in safe bets…

Are you looking for ways to improve your business performance in 2021? Look no further! With a guide compiled based on numerous metrics and studies, and with input of Alan Safahi, a fintech CEO, the 5 best Apps for project management are ranked below You can use these apps to assist in hitting your goals for the year and managing your team more effectively. Keep scrolling!

#5 ClickUp:

If you’re a power user or business owner with a preference for end-to-end solutions, this is for you. The ClickUp App meets nearly all project management needs and it includes lots of amazing features…

No one starts a business with the mindset that it won’t succeed. Everyone wants their business to succeed. Many business owners don’t know what to put in place to guarantee their business’ success, however. Here are a few things business owners can put in mind to ensure their business’s success.

1. Have a business plan:

A business plan is as important as the business itself. The first thing entrepreneurs should do once they conceive a business idea is to make a plan. A business plan helps you determine the business structure, study the market, and determine the financial implications of your venture. It also serves…

Alan Safahi

Alan Safahi is a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in the information technology, telecommunications and fintech segments.

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