How to Become a Better Version of Yourself Today

by Amanda Johnson, Employee Motivation Consultant for — professional technical writing tool

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What means to be a better version of yourself? To be a better version means to perform your highest potential in all spheres of your life. Of course, it’s difficult to be perfect in all facets, that’s why I want to advise you some methods that will help you on the way of self-improvement.

Don’t Improve All Things at Once

One day you can wake up and think “Today will be different, I will eat right, not procrastinate, end a project and call my old friend ”. And what’s the result? You’re eating the fifth donut and scrolling Instagram. A familiar situation, right? Why is it happening if you were so motivated to be better? It’s not because you’re not disciplined, it’s because you try to do more than you can.

Create a list of what you want to change and place the easiest issues firstly. When you finish improving one aspect, only then you can start the next step. First steps are important, when you see the results of your efforts, it will inspire you to go further.

Do You Really Need to Stop Procrastinating?

All motivational coaches say “Stop procrastinating”. I think procrastination isn’t always bad. Moreover, procrastination helps to refocus. You can’t work all the time because your brain should relax otherwise you will lose the interest that leads to burnout problems. But it doesn’t mean that you should procrastinate all the time as you want. If you’re working on a project, for example, schedule an alarm every two hours and relax about 15 minutes. But don’t spend all your free time on unproductive activities: do exercise for your body and for eyes, go for a walk or have a meal if it’s needed.

Don’t Tell Anybody about Your Plans

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We used to share our thoughts with friends and even with strangers through social media. But in fact, you must not do it. It’s about psychology, when you tell someone about your goal, you already feel partially satisfied because you start thinking that you’ve done some steps on the way towards your goal.

Other reason is that not all people are so positive as you want. Some of them act like that “if I can’t have it, neither can you”, and can demotivate you. This phenomenon is known as crab bucket theory. You can read about it here.

Stop the Negative Self-talk

Sometimes it’s hard to change your habits and you can feel that you’re going to give up. It’s not because you’re weak, it’s because of the way you think. Recall your thoughts during the day. For example, when you receive a compliment about your work, you think, “Oh, that’s nothing.” And this is a problem, you can estimate your work objectively, we are all inclined to think about ourselves only in a bad way. Just silence your inner critic and start think that you can improve your life.

Don’t Criticize Others

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Align with criticizing ourselves, we also like to criticize others. We judge and label other people so quickly, even if we don’t know them! In order to become a better person, you should eliminate all negative energy. When you think negatively, it damages only your self-esteem.

Nice people achieve more than selfish ones. If you want to lower the level of negative thoughts, stop comparing yourself to others. Even if you see a photo of successful and luxurious life, you don’t know exactly what’s going on in the life of this person.


Don’t think that all your life will change immediately just because you want. The journey of self-improvement is really hard and demands your efforts, because old habits die hard, but don’t be afraid of challenges, it’s better to try and fail, and try again than never fail to try.

What helps you to become better?

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