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Eureka! I Found a Workaround for the Utterly Awful WordPress Reader

Warning: The simple Magic Formula you’re about to use will instantly improve your WordPress Reader experience! But first, a word on why. Then, a few words on how.

This is the utterly awful and inadequate blog reader that WordPress.com bloggers and their followers are…

How to Have Plenty of Fun with Panoramas

The panorama feature on the iPhone is Apple’s way of saying, “Go have fun with your phone, and use your pano in whatever…

How Four Words Got Me Back on the Writing Track

I discovered that you need to tend your novel daily, as you would a garden, to keep its prose from slowly dying of

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What It’s Like

This is what it’s like to be a writer.

There are times when you are possessed by your characters — the ones in the novel you are writing except when…

Try This One Weird Trick to Improve Your Friends’ Photography

You can be the pearl in your iPhone’s oyster with this one weird trick.

What You’re Most Expecting Doesn’t Happen Until You’re Least Expecting It

I was so certain I’d have those cowgirl boots under the Christmas tree that year. After all, I’d wanted…

How to Shoot a Texas-Size Panorama

When you encounter an interior as impressive as the Texas State Capitol’s dome, you’ll need to shoot like a Texan: Vertically, with…

Are You Captive to Clutter?

Here’s my recipe for getting a grip on your chaos-driven, clutter-filled life.

Are There Any Advantages to Being Disorganized?

Sure there are. Consider these three distinct advantages to disorganization, and a bonus fourth possibility.

Though I’m not one of them, advocates of disorganization thrive on it. The truth is that even the most organized among us have lapses in organization. Here are three advantages to being

Where Dreams Await

Ahhh, the delights of discovering your dream coffee is also a work of art.

The mocha of my dreams had begun life less than an hour earlier…