CodeForCash — Part 1

The Jog

Make It Rain —
HackerTyper —
Clever tongue in cheek words with a simple interface
FBI Investigations happen randomly and you can use ‘bribes’ to get rid of them

Preparing For The Uphill Run

Ideas that I was playing around with
Simple UI — Let’s break it down. Cool flipboard money counter at the top; dollar bills falling down on the screen animating at different transforms; x2 multiplier showing on the screen; bucket icon on the bottom left; transparent tab bar items on the bottom; screen changes color while the user swipes
After two days — the main screen. It had falling rotating keyboards; tapping the keyboard outputted text to the monitor; custom tab bar on the bottom
My table view and custom cells in a custom modal
Anyone still know what a 3.5'’ diskette is?
Main Screen — Broken into three sections. Header (top — for the total money), Content (middle — for the keyboard & monitor), and Footer (bottom — with the custom tab bar)




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Simon Leung

Simon Leung

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