BlockCDNs TV Set-top Box Miner

BlockCDN Releases its TV set-top box Miner.

You may be familiar with the term mining — the use of computing power via CPU or GPU to create digital currency. If so, you will also know this type of mining is resource intensive, depletes large amounts of energy and can harm your hardware. Today BlockCDNs team have built a breakthrough design for a miner that uses your TV set-top box to general digital currency. They call it Idle Flow mining because it takes your excess internet bandwidth and turns it into digital cash. BlockCDNs aim is to bring the sharing economy to this vast store of unused internet resources,

‘Turning waste into money. BlockCDN is a waste recovery officer for the Internet’ Tony Long, CEO

The whole system has been designed for ease of use, there are 3 simple steps to set-up that we have outlined below. The plug-in is currently limited to Android TV set-top boxes but there are plans to expand quickly to other platforms. Now, users can perform mining activities in the home by installing a simple piece of software giving BlockCDN an advantage over other mining systems.

Three Steps to Set-up

1. Connect an empty external storage device to your Android TV Box via its USB interface. It will need to have at least 50GB capacity and create a new folder under the list: BCDN

2. Within that folder create a document called ‘account.txt’ — please format as shown in the diagram — and paste in your ETH address & invitation code using “&” to separate the two. (codes can be obtained from the team on Slack).

3. After that, directly install in the TV Box and operate according to the diagram.

Step 1 & Step 2
Step 3

Due to unprecedented demand in BCDN mining, those interested in running the TVBox or other miners through BlockCDN are required to take part in the ICO to the value of 50ETH or more. This is essential at this time due to the absence of incoming revenue throughout this ICO period but happily you will received 50,000 for your ETH and a share in 40% of the profits for the first three years!

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

 White Paper :