Importing Your Keys from Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

For first-time use instructions, please see Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the First Time.

If you have already installed Blockmarket 3.0 and you are not seeing your balance from Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x, please follow our Exporting Your Keys Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x instructions first.

Import your Exported dump file:

  1. Open Blockmarket 3.0 and let it synchronize. You will see, a grey “Wallet Sync” section on the “Home” page of the application. Wait until it reaches 99–100% for it to be completely synchronized.
Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 must synchronize with the Syscoin network in order to function.

2. Click on the “Wallet” menu, then click on the “Import Wallet” section to find the file you dumped file from Blockmarket 1.x or Syscoin 2.x

Find the “Import Wallet” option on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

3. Blockmarket will prompt you to select a file from your Windows PC or Mac. Select the file you created in our Exporting Your Keys Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x instructions. Click on the “open” button to import the file.

Congratulations, you have imported your wallet.


If your new balance is not reflected after a few minutes (as shown on the “Home” page of the application), click on the Reindex Blockmarket” option from the “Tools” menu and restart Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

If your balance does not appear after a few minutes, click on the “Reindex Blockmarket” option from the “Tools” menu, then close the application, wait a few seconds and open it again.

IMPORTANT!: Don’t forget to backup your new wallet.dat file in a secure location and make sure you delete the dump file you created from the earlier step.

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