Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the First Time

Never installed Syscoin-QT or Blockmarket Desktop on your computer? Skip to the “First Time Installation” instructions further below.


If you have used Blockmarket or Syscoin-QT in the past, please follow the instructions below that apply to your situation.

From Syscoin-QT 3.x:

The upgrade from Syscoin-QT 3.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.x is very simple as they use the same data files from your computer. See more details with our migration instructions:

Importing Your Wallet from Syscoin-QT 3.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

From Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x:

You must first export your wallet in order to import it to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

Exporting Your Keys Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x

Then you must follow the import wallet instructions to complete the migration:

Importing Your Keys from Syscoin-QT 2.x or Blockmarket Desktop 1.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

First Time Installation

If you haven’t installed and setup Blockmarket Desktop 3.0, please follow these instructions for Windows or Mac:

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 First-Time Windows OS User Guide

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 First-Time Mac OS User Guide

Creating a Password/Passphrase (Encryption)

First, ensure Blockmarket is secure, by following these instructions to create a password (encryption key):

WARNING: Always make sure that you remember your password, if you lose it, there is no way to retrieve it. Setting a password/passphrase is optional, but we strongly suggest you secure Blockmarket with one.

Creating a Password (Encrypting) and Unlocking Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Funding Blockmarket with Syscoin

Next, to use Blockmarket’s services, you need to have Syscoin in your Blockmarket wallet. Follow the instructions below to transfer funds to Blockmarket with coins you have from another wallet/exchange, or you can purchase Syscoin directly in-wallet:

Funding Blockmarket: How to Transfer Syscoin to Your Wallet

Purchasing Syscoin with Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Sending Coins from Blockmarket 3.0 to Another Wallet or Alias

Creating your Syscoin Alias/Identity

Once you have funds in Blockmarket, it is important to create an Alias in order to use all of Blockmarket’s services. Aliases are your username on the Syscoin platform. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to create one and assign your Identity to it:

Creating an Alias/Identity on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Sending and Receiving Encrypted Messages

Sending, receiving encrypted messages quick and simple to do with Blockmarket. Here’s a simple tutorial on using the messaging service.

Sending, Receiving, and Replying to Messages on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Using the Marketplace

Browsing the Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 Marketplace

Making a Purchase on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Selling on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0: How to Create a Listing

Syscoin Assets

Creating Atomic and Non-Atomic Assets on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Sending Assets on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Minting Assets on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Transferring an Entire Asset on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0


Creating a Certificate on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

Stay tuned for more with certificates in the upcoming future releases of Blockmarket.

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