Importing Your Wallet from Syscoin-QT 3.x to Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

For first-time use instructions, please see Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the First Time.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you are not running two Syscoin applications at the same time (IE: Do NOT run Syscoin-QT and Blockmarket Desktop simultaneously on the same computer.).

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 uses the same wallet.dat as Syscoin QT 3.x

If you install Blockmarket 3.0 on the same computer as Syscoin QT 3.x, you will not need to import the wallet. Blockmarket will automatically find your wallet.dat and display the correct balance and aliases.

If you will be using Blockmarket on a different computer you will need to copy both the wallet.dat and masternodes.conf to the SyscoinCore directory on the new computer.

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