Making a Purchase on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0

For first-time use instructions, please start with Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the first time.

Blockmarket offers an integrated portal to the Syscoin decentralized marketplace. Making a secured purchase on the blockchain, has never been easier!

To navigate to the Marketplace, click on the “Marketplace” drop-down menu and select “Browse Marketplace.”

Locate the item or service you wish to purchase. For instructions on browsing Blockmarket, please refer to the Browsing the Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 Marketplace article.

Find the item/service you would like to purchase on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

Click on the purple “Buy Now” button, a “Complete Purchase” window will appear.

The “Complete Purchase” window appears when you select “Buy Now” on a listing.

Fill out the form. Select the “Purchasing Alias” (the Alias that you want to use for the transaction), the “Quantity” (quantity of items/services you would like to purchase), the “Arbiter Alias”(this will default to “bcf-arbiter”), the arbitration Alias of Blockchain Foundry Inc. You can change the Alias to the Arbitrator you wish to secure your transaction with, but make sure that the merchant also approves your Arbitrator (as they may cancel the transaction). Next enter your “Note to Seller” (This can vary depending on the type of sale. Typically you would provide your e-mail address, shipping address, specifications for the item such as size, color, etc. Make sure you read the merchant’s instructions carefully on the listing so you know what they require.). When you have entered all the required information, click on the purple “Review Purchase” button.

A second “Complete Purchase” window will appear, providing you with the title of the listing, the “Buyer Alias” and the “Arbiter Alias”. Click on the purple “Complete Purchase” button to finalize your purchase.

Complete Purchase.

Your purchase is complete! A message indicating that Blockmarket is waiting 60 seconds for blockchain confirmation will appear. Close this window now.

A message indicating that Blockmarket is waiting 60 seconds for blockchain confirmation will appear. Close this window now.

Confirm That You Have Received Your Item

To see your purchase, click on the “Marketplace” drop-down menu and select “My Marketplace”. Click on the “Purchases in Escrow” menu. This will display all your purchases currently in escrow. Once you have received your item/service, make sure you click on the “Finalize” button, so the merchant receives their funds.

The “Purchases in Escrow” window.

I Haven’t Received My Goods, Now What?

A 3rd-party escrow service is included with Blockmarket Desktop 3.0. If you haven’t received your goods or services, simply send a message to the Arbitrator that is securing your transaction. The Arbitrator will determine who is at fault by analyzing the proof both parties have sent. The Arbitrator will either refund your transaction or will tell you that they have decided to side with the merchant instead.

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