Kevin O’Leary Goes Long with Crypto

O’Leary is a Shark on Shark Tank and has a net worth of roughly 400 million dollars

Kevin O’Leary was invited to speak about blockchain and cryptocurrency for the Annual Blockchain Conference at MIT this week.

O’Leary spoke in favor of the technology, saying that he has a ton of crypto, and that he is going long. He is particularly fond of the idea that real estate can be put on blockchain, and that fractional ownership of a property can be shared through this mechanism.

O’Leary as well as other fintech giants have been working with legislators to ensure cryptocurrency arrives mainstream. He realizes that the industry needs to continue this ebb and flow of regulation and compliance before crypto becomes ubiquitous.

This statement is an anomaly in what has been a sea of negative news for crypto. Bitcoin has hit a 5 week low and has been slowly crawling its way through since December’s all-time high.

Shark Tank has given O’Leary a world stage, so the magnitude of support from someone of his influence is a ginormous step in the right direction for crypto.

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