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International teams are working together to stop global insect extinction

Maui, Hawaii, July 24, 2019 — With over 75% loss of insect biomass during a 27 year study in protected areas*, scientists are fearing the collapse of nature. Mankind's race toward improvement is having dramatic consequences on Earths earliest inhabitants.

At the current rate of decline of 2.5% globally, it is estimated that half of the planets insects will be lost in 50 years with complete extinction within a century. As insects are an important part of the foundation of our ecosystem, the collapse of the insect kingdom will have a domino effect on the rest of Earth’s inhabitants.


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To avoid responding to our…

One of the first working real world implementations for a blockchain project picks up speed with an award winning new partnership & satellite integration.

We’re very excited to release our updated Whitepaper 3.0 with details about the Pollenity partnership, 4.0 masternodes and the upcoming swap to 5.0! Are you ready for a trip to the moon?

BUZZcoin™ is a non-profit blockchain implementation that aims to help save the worlds declining bee population. Join us in supporting the global effort to #savethebees by providing collected data to scientific projects and organizations that focus on saving the worlds bee population.

By providing this data to the network and being able to get highly accurate data from the hives, beekeepers are rewarded in cryptocurrency for their data…

Blockchain and cutting edge IoT technologies come together to support sustainable beekeeping and provide lifesaving data for global change.

Maui, Hawaii, Feb. 1, 2019 — For decades mankind has known about the threat to the planets bee population, yet progress in halting the extinction of this vital creature has been slow.

In the US/Canada alone over one quarter of bumblebees are on the brink of extinction, and up to 30% of honeybee colonies are lost annually. These statistics are echoed on a global scale.

Domesticated honeybees are the ideal medium for gathering data on the species, however data collection has been slow and limited to only the largest beekeepers.

BUZZcoin™ announces strategic partnership with Pollenity to accelerate the global…

Fewer than 2% of a honey bee hive are male, yet the lives they live are somehow familiar.

Hanging with the guys, shootin’ the breeze, having a great time until a hot young thing flutters by… then BOOM! It’s an all out race to get to her first. One by one they take their shot at her, and one by one she knocks them dead, never recovering from her irresistible attraction.

Drone Party Photo Credit
Thank you Hilary Kearney!

Males representing less than 2% of the hive are called Drones. While a female Worker Bee spends her day caring for the hive, drones do not gather nectar or pollen (at least not deliberately), help in nursing or assist with hive construction. So, why keep them around…

On June 13th the BUZZcoin™ Discord server was hijacked, accelerating our time table for relocation to a brand new, fully featured hive.

Our new secure location is at
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You can verify our new Discord Server ID that you are in the right place — 456568679530889246

At BUZZcoin, we take the security of our members very seriously. For the safety of our community and our project, a move to a new server was planned. The server where we all met was still owned by the original creator who abandoned the project last year. …

Explore the life of the infamous Queen Bee, and discover what makes her so special.

What do you think of when you hear the word bee? Most people think of the honey that is produced by this social community. Social? Yes! Depending on the role of the bee they could be creating a nest, caring for the young, gathering food, or in charge of communication… and they’re all reliant on the queen. In the honey bee society there are 3 classes- the drones (male), the workers (female), and the queen. Today we are going to examine the life of a queen!

A Queens Duty

A queen has one purpose, to reproduce. During her lifespan of 2–7 years, the…

Learn about the state of bees on this planet and some great tips on how to build a bee friendly backyard to help bring their species back from decline!

Just a few of the over 21,000 varieties of bee

It’s well established that the bee population has declined dramatically in the last few years. There are many potential factors in this decline, including pesticides, climate change, stress, mites, and EMF signals from modern technology. This news is completely true, but is one sided. The focus is on the honey bee, but what about native bees? They also are in dire straits, however you can help. By following these steps you can nurture happy, healthy bees.

With over 21,000 varieties of bees, there only seven distinct species of honey bee with a total of 44 sub-species. …

The list of bees on the Endangered Species list is growing each year. In 2017 the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee was added, as well as 7 species in Hawaii.

Mass die-offs of bees is nothing new. Reports as far back as 1869 chronicled the agony of beekeepers as their honey bee colonies succumbed to disease and pests.

However, todays die-offs are much more dangerous. Why? Today bees are put in trucks and driven up to 3000 miles (4800 kilometers) to pollinate crops and orchards.

Photo Credit: Viktor Hanacek

In turn, those diseases and pests that they may have developed an immunity to are now introduced to a huge group of other travelers who are already weary and stressed from the journey. Unknowingly, those compromised bees carry these foreign pests and diseases back home.

Cristal Durrwachter

Core Team Assistant & Public Relations at #savethebees

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