Inside look into who B1ackKett1e is and how he won the Cheeze Wizards tournament

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Feel free to exclude personal details you don’t feel comfortable sharing. Who is B1ackKett1e?

What was your earliest experience with crypto?

Which cryptocurrencies do you own?

Now that the tournament is over. We’re revealing more information on the Zombie Wizard with a technical breakdown!

What was this whole Zombie thing all about?

B1ackKett1e wins with Wizard #4845 and takes home 700+ ETH as the Big Cheeze

The Basics:

Cheeze Wizards are said to descend from dragon’s milk. A dragon with udders may sound absurd but so does a race of sentient, magic-wielding cheese…

Cheeze Wizards is an Ethereum game where players use NFT Wizards in on-chain duels against each other to win power, glory, and a whole lot of ETH

a massive duel where ~4 ETH worth of Power was exchanged

Per-move Expectation Value

It’s easy to have fun in Cheeze Wizards, but winning the grand prize will take skill, strategy, and perseverance. Ask your questions on Discord and Alan / Falcon will drop knowledge here

Duel replay:

On-chain PvP gameplay demonstrates composability on Ethereum. Tournament duels now open: compete for a chance to win $100K.

What is Cheeze Wizards?

Tell me more!

Cheeze Wizards is a new dapp from the creators of CryptoKitties with entirely on-chain game logic. See the smart contract audit report here.

What is Cheeze Wizards?

Audited Smart Contracts

Cheeze Wizards 🧀

Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese.

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