By reducing the visualization gap between UI designing & Copy Writing

TLDR; World’s first design/copy collaboration tool — Scribble is NOW available for Adobe XD. Grab Scribble plugin for XD NOW.

What is Scribble? And why?

Scribble is a collaboration tool for UI designers & copy writers.

If you are an UI designer then picture this,

  • You have designed an awesome landing page or, newsletter or product UI and need other stakeholders to write the copy.
  • So, you send them the UI in form of PNG or JPEG.
  • Copy folks write product copy over word document and send it over email.
  • Since, copy writers couldn’t visualize the copy in design, copy doesn’t fit in the UI.
  • So, you iterate.. …

Because, a tool must work as extension of mind & body of the artist..

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A tool must work as an extension to mind & body of the artist.

TLDR; This article talks about “Change Log” in Scribble — what it does, how it works and most importantly why we added it in Scribble. You can watch below 2-min video to see new update live:

Introducing Change Log in Scribble — Design/copy collaboration tool for Sketch

Scribble —What is it?

Before I answer that, let me ask you something…

  • Are you an UI designer?
  • Do you design product mockups in Sketch?
  • Do you ask stakeholders to share product copy over email, Slack, Spreadsheet or documents ?
  • Do you struggle with trying different copies in design and spend hours in email roundtrips?

You are doing it all wrong. …

Add these tools into your tool kit to up your game.

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Every professional has his tools. It helps them in doing things faster and better. So what tools a copywriter must have to help him in creating good copy and do it faster?

We’re living in a time when as a copywriter, we have access to a wide range of tools, that can help us up our game and create quality copy.

Here’s a list of 5 awesome tools that can help you write faster and better-

1. Evernote

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In the good old days, writers used to always carry a pocket diary and a pen to note down ideas and to-do lists. In the mobile age, all you need is evernote in your mobile and you’re good to go. It helps you take and organize your notes and manage your to-do lists with great ease. It can also help you in your research by allowing you to save anything you find useful on the web- web pages, PDFs, images etc. …



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