How do you make food and beverage products stand out, both online and on store shelves?

With consumer’s tastes and preferences changing constantly, you always have to keep up with the latest trends to help your clients succeed. Luckily, David Lemley has been in ecommerce since its inception, which means that he’s also seen the space evolve in the last few years.

Because of his passion for natural food and beverage, David founded his own marketing agency, Retail Voodoo. He’s known for helping natural and organic brands like KIND, Essentia Water, and Sahale succeed both online and on shelves.


Launching a new brand from scratch is incredibly challenging.

No one knows who you are; no one knows the value of your products; and you have to acquire an entirely new audience of buyers. But it can be done, and done well.

We’ve all seen the digitally native vertical brands appear out of nowhere and dominate the market. But what does it look like when one of those brands is just getting started?

Tracey Wallace has been in the ecommerce world for nearly a decade, but she’s a first-time founder. She launched Doris Sleep, an ethically-made pillow company, just last…

As surprising as it may seem, some industries still haven’t fully adapted to the digital world.

There are still industries where purchases are made via signed contracts, not through a smooth ecommerce checkout process; where businesses focus on ads in glossy magazines instead of on Facebook and Instagram.

But that is changing. Veronica Armstrong is personally looking to infiltrate the wedding industry with an ecommerce mindset.

She is the head of marketing at Mayflower Venues, an online marketplace that helps you discover and book unique wedding venues. And Veronica is no stranger to building a brand from the ground up…

Customer research is the core of every good marketing strategy. Finding product-market fit is nearly impossible if you don’t talk to a ton of people about your product, test it out, and find the audience who truly loves it.

This is exactly the method that helped Josh Zloof find the right customers for Sudden Coffee. He faced what seemed like an insurmountable challenge — how do you change the bad reputation of instant coffee?

To most people, it’s seen as cheap, fast, and pretty tasteless. …

Amazon is a behemoth. So much so, that sales on Amazon accounted for a staggering 49% of all ecommerce sales in 2018.

With access to an audience that large, it’s no wonder that so many brands are selling their products through Amazon, despite the ever-changing rules and risks. And a large portion of Amazon’s massive sales go through third-party sellers that are Fulfilled by Amazon, or FBA sellers.

This is exactly the market that Brandon Hendrix focuses on. He’s the VP of Marketing at, a fast-growing acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses.

Brandon has worked in ecommerce for nearly a…

Marketplaces everywhere always have a two-sided challenge. You have to both engage your target audience of buyers, and find and engage the right sellers who are a good fit for your specific market.

It’s far from easy! Even if what you’re selling is as delicious as food from Uber Eats.

Jessica van Rooyen is the Regional Marketing Lead for Uber Eats Canada, the massively successful offshoot of Uber that delivers food to your door. She’s tasked with growing the service not only into new markets, but also with new restaurant partners. …

The Empowered Marketer was at Shoptalk 2019 in Las Vegas, along with more than 8,000 smart retailers and eCommerce experts.

I was there with an eye out for trends, interesting new marketing ideas, and original observations. Whether you attended or just wish you could have made it, this very special episode of The Empowered Marketer is all Shoptalk, all the time.

Hear insights from leaders at top brands, including Barneys, Modell’s, and Lily Pulitzer, as well as interviews with attendees and more. Here are the top strategic takeaways from Shoptalk 2019.

Watch The Empowered Marketer LIVE at Shoptalk 2019

I also share my personal takeaways from the best sessions, including:

  • Why experiential marketing is everything
  • The importance of getting a handle on your customer data
  • Why customer obsession is the core of marketing
  • …and much more.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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Charlie Hustle did something incredibly difficult: they created a t-shirt that became the symbol of a city. Specifically, Kansas City.

The shirt with a simple KC heart design went viral when the Royals won the World Series in 2014, but the brand hasn’t slowed down since. Greg Moore, the Chief Operating Officer at Charlie Hustle, explained that one mega success is not enough for a sustainable business.

So today, the vintage-style sports clothing brand puts out a new product every two weeks, expanding into college gear, exclusive licensing deals with pro athletes like Patrick Mahomes, and much more. …

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your favorite hobby or passion project into a full-time job, you’re not alone.

That’s what drove Brian Lim, the CEO and Founder of The Emazing Group, to start three massively successful ecommerce brands — Emazing Lights, iHeartRaves and INTO THE AM. The brands collectively gross over $20M per year and Brian was on season 6 of ABC’s Shark Tank, where he received offers from all five sharks.

But Brian didn’t just have a good idea for a business out of nowhere — he was a huge fan of the rave scene and a serious…

How does a business shift and grow along with the ever-changing ecommerce market? It’s not easy!

Consumers can be fickle. But if you build a powerful, loyal community of buyers, it can sustain your brand for years to come.

That’s exactly what Griffin Thall has done. He’s the Co-founder and CEO of Pura Vida Bracelets, which offers colorful and handmade layered bracelets and other jewelry.

Griffin and his co-founder bootstrapped the business eight years ago, and it’s grown rapidly to more than 650 people spanning four countries.

Pura Vida’s success lies in the massive fanbase they’ve built, with 1.4 million…

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