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A(The Old Man in the Mirror by Vergyl)

Quick Read: Our future selves are strangers to us. For any brand marketer that wants to drive a habit change among people, this could be a million dollar insight.

What advise would you give your younger self?

That’s a common question Tim Ferriss asks his interviewees in The Tim Ferriss Show.

The answers are always wise, instructive and helpful. As they ought to be. For the exercise of looking back and reflecting upon one’s journey so far, tends to be a highly visual and (thereby) a pretty straightforward affair in our minds.

Brands like Tine — a Norwegian Dairy brand — have even used it as a construct to tell one of their stories. …

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Quick Read: Think Contextual Codes, not Category Codes. Sometimes it could make a massive difference.

Fifty years ago, in the fictional world of Mad Men, Don Draper pitched a bold ad campaign to Heinz.

The ads showed close-ups of food that go great with ketchup — a cheeseburger, french fries, a slice of steak — but without any ketchup in sight.

The tagline: “Pass the Heinz.”

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Quick read: Overview Effect — a phenomenon from space travel can have some great creative parallels in the arts.

There’s a strange phenomenon that happens to astronauts when they see Earth from space. Most astronauts describe this as a cognitive shift in awareness, a state of mental clarity or a sense of deep connection.

This state called the “overview effect,” occurs when you are flung so far away from Earth that you become totally overwhelmed and awed by the fragility and unity of life on our planet. …


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