Update on the progress #1

Dear Cindicator Friends,

Our White List Token Sale is going smoothly and we want to share some insights with you.

We have successfully finished Tier-1 this Tuesday. We raised 100% of the planned funds. 14 strategic partners participated in it, contributing 3940.65 ETH in total. Maximum individual cap in this tier was 342.67 ETH.

Yesterday we started our second Tier and at this moment we have raised around a half of the planned funds. The maximum individual cap for this Tier participants is 64.151 ETH; the Minimum individual cap is 37.734 ETH. Tier-2 is going to be closed this Saturday.

We have received a lot of application with high contribution amount, however, we accept only a few of them in Tier-1: only those applicants that have very high potential to strengthen Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem together with us. We are already in process of discussing possible integrations and pilot projects with some of them. We are very happy to see that our ecosystem is growing in a healthy way and that many strong contributors became part of it in Tier-1 and Tier-2. We are looking forward to welcome extraordinary people in Tier-3 and Tier-4.

We remind you that Tier-3 Sale will start at 3 PM UTC, Monday, September 18. List of Tier-3 participants is now formed by 90% and those participants have already received invitations. The rest 10% will receive the email tonight. We are already in the process of forming Tier-4: it will have the most contributors. We will finish the list of Tier-4 participants next week.

We would also like to once again explain our White List system — previously explained in this post. We are looking for people who are interested in our products and will make a great addition to our ecosystem. We will not whitelist everyone: please understand our White List process is not a simple pre-sale, where the only necessary thing is to fill in the application on time. We are building a powerful community, so we carefully investigate every application and use individual approach when making a decision. Two important things must be stressed out:

1. Date of the application is not a criterion for the White List approval. It also influences tier allocation only in one single matter: if one applied after the list of particular Tier participants is already formed — one can not be included in this Tier.

2. We strive to build a healthy ecosystem formed by outstanding individuals. Thus there are tight security measures, which makes it impossible for us disclose some information and on the other hand forces us to ask you for private details in some cases. Manual assessment of each application is a very labour intensive and time consuming task, so some delays in Tier’s list formation are possible. We appreciate your understanding.

Kindly note that CND token price is the same for each Tier: 1 CND = $0.01. ETH/USD rate is fixed in the Smart Contract before the start of each Tier. There are no bonuses and discounts.

Please remember about the security — trust only official Cindicator emails and wait for the announcement of your Tier start. Carefully check the letters and do not act in haste — we have reserved the tokens for you.

To further increase security, the start of each Tier sale will be announced simultaneously in three separate Cindicator’s channels: on Twitter, Telegram and by email. We will publish the full address of our ETH contract only on the Token Sale page of our website. The 7 last digits of this address will also be published: on our Twitter, Telegram channel and in the letter. Please make sure that the ETH address on the website ends on the same digits that were published in the channels before making a transaction.

Finally, please remember: Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure is opened for everyone, and everyone can join it at any moment: just download our app and invest your intelligence.

Let’s continue to develop our already strong community and use the Hybrid Intelligence for the benefit of the New Economy’s ecosystem!

Best wishes,

Your Cindicator Team.