Claws — Everything you need to know!

5 min readApr 12, 2022

Who is down for another 10k NFT drop? Quick cash grab, buyers make or break. If that’s what you’re looking for, sorry, this is probably not the right project for you. So then, what is Claws about? Hear us out.

The Vision

As we witness the progression of the industry, from its early days of silly pixel art, with speculators backing projects hoping to get lucky one day, without really knowing what the intrinsic values may be. A lot has changed since, we see innovation happening rapidly in the space. BAYC serum drop was genius, CloneX collab with Muarakami sensei was next level. More and more interesting NFT use cases emerge and start to coin new terms like GameFi or SocialFi, utilities expanded and art becomes just the tip of the iceberg.

We know the ingredients that make up for a successful NFT project. Be it the art, the rarity combo speculation, the utility, passive income, community or hype. Truth be told, we won’t shy ourselves away from these successful, proven methods. Valuable airdrops? Sure. Morphing the collection into an ecosystem with a DAO? Yes please (more about this later). We learn from the best, so our buyers should expect no less. And then we’ll add on our unique recipe for a special flavor, our value proposition, metaverse interoperability.

As loyal ICONists and interoperability nerds, we track BTP progress very closely. With the upcoming release of the ICON bridge, we inch closer to enabling cross-chain transfers. This will open the doors for us to start experimenting with token and message transfers. As the foundation has previously stated, NFT transfer is already in the pipeline. Since we’re building everything based on ICON’s token standards, namely IRC2 and IRC31, we expect our $CLAW and the Claw collection to be 100% BTP compatible out of the box. This will allow us to enable our first interoperability plan — ‘Claws Mutation’, very seamlessly.

We’re closely tracking new ICON bridge partners for potential integrations

Beautiful Art

First things first, it all begins with the art. Cryptopunks were once cool, but 8-bit pixel art probably won’t cut it anymore given investors’ expectations today and NFT art standard in general. We have teamed up with a premium 3D design production house, Turbo Diesel Studio, to render high quality 3D Claws so our owners can proudly sport them in their social profiles.

Over 100+ handcrafted traits will be available


The name of the game. To bring you the best trading experience, we have teamed up with Rarity Hunter, a tool to determine the ranking of NFTs by their rarity. This will allow buyers and sellers to essentially know “how rare is my NFT”. We have also carefully sampled a distribution scheme, some Claws will be “common”, while some will be extremely rare to see.

Claw DAO and the $CLAW token

Arguably the most important aspect to the collection — Claw DAO. This is the decentralized governance framework to support the expansion of the Claws ecosystem. The DAO is completely owned and governed by $CLAW holders and the initial allocation will be as follows,

$CLAW by default is the DAO governance token that enables holders to vote on various proposals. This is ultimately how the community take part to shape the project and the team will be building toward community preferred goals. The $CLAW token will also have other utilities, one example is our aforementioned plan to allow “interchain mutations”, which will require spending $CLAW tokens. We also expect $CLAW to be used as the ‘gas’ fee for BTP enabled cross-chain NFT transfers and the token is expected to be deflationary from these burning mechanisms. The team will continue explore ways to increase the utility for $CLAW.

With fixed issuance and burning mechanisms, $CLAW will be deflationary


As we have previously mentioned in our twitter announcement, all $CFT and $CFT/$sICX LP stakers were whitelisted. A snapshot was taken as of April 5, and your whitelisted wallets will be eligible to mint Claws in our upcoming public sale.

Missed the cut? Don’t worry. We will continue to handpick and give out additional whitelists to the most deserving community members.

Proof of Contribution
A PoC (Proof of Contribution) system will be in place to grant additional whitelist spots, including free mints, for our most active and contributing community members. For more information, please visit our proof-of-contribution discord channel.

Please pay close attention to our discord announcements, as we periodically host events to grant additional whitelists and give out free mints. Your contribution will be rewarded!

Latest free mint event — discord referrals

Presale Information

Public Mint date: May 9th
Minting Price: 200 ICX
Minting Website:


Let us briefly explain about how we decided on the minting price. We are starting out with a collection of 10,000 Claws, priced at ~200 ICX. This is not an arbitrary number but a carefully analyzed figure to account for profitability for the minters, sustainability for the team, and liquidity for the secondary market.


We wanted to find a happy medium for potentially high-return multiples, while at the same time put enough funds in the treasury for the team to continue building. Expensive mints may lead to low profitability, and cheap mints may lead to the team abandoning the project half way, a balance is needed. Rest assured, the team is here for the long haul to build toward our eventual goal of an interoperable metaverse.

That’s it about Claws NFT. This is the beginning of our journey, and we hope to onboard people who are as excited as us about the potential of metaverse interoperability. We’ll be bringing you exciting new surprises to the collection in the many next chapters to come! Grrr~~ Claw out.