Presently, there is no single standard by which to measure environmental, social and corporate governance. And most of the time today each company has a unique strategy in how they implement it into their operations. …

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The team at Eliq has raised EUR 5 million Series A funding round to scale their advanced customer engagement platform and expand into a wider array of offerings for utility customers in Europe.

Contrarian Ventures co-led the round with Inven Capital. Existing investors followed-on in the round as well. The investment brings Eliq’s total funding since its launch to €9 million and will help the company aggressively expand its sales and marketing efforts as well as accelerate product development. Contrarian Ventures Managing Partner Rokas Peciulaitis will join Eliq’s Board of Directors.

“Having energy tech-focused funds lead our financing says a lot about where this space is going,” said Hakan Ludwigson, Chief Executive Officer of Eliq. …

If you are someone who has been in the midst of the popular energy debate for at least a few decades, the so-called hydrogen revolution is by no means a new concept for you. Is it not merely a more flashy cousin of solar energy that has boomed since the 2000s? Let us explain why we think that the green hydrogen is finally up next.

We are very excited to present another edition of the Contrarian Ventures series of technology companies maps — this time we embarked on the hydrogen adventure across the globe.

We wanted to showcase the 75 brightest technology companies to watch in the very diverse and multi-faceted hydrogen space. We aim to be consistent and logical with our approach — the startup map begins by covering the production/generation side of the hydrogen industry and continues to delve deeper into the complex applications of fuel cell and combustion technologies. …

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