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An article by Morgane Goibert, Alberto Lumbreras & Flavian Vasile from Criteo

The Criteo AI Lab is pioneering innovations in computational advertising. Within this center of scientific excellence, distributed across Paris, Grenoble, and Ann Arbor, our researchers and engineers deliver both fundamental and applied scientific leadership through published research, product…

Our team at RecSys: multi-tasked for sure, but far from being easily reproducible!

Authors: Romain Beaumont, Amine Benhalloum, Florian Courtial, Ugo Tanielian, Marina Vinyes, Pranjul Yadav

Recsys 2019 took place in Copenhagen and with 909 attendees from around the world, it is the biggest edition so far. RecSys covers a wide variety of topics about recommender systems from their social impact to the…

Criteo Engineering

The engineers building the advertising platform for the open Internet.

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