The origins of DBD, an idea borne out of frustration.

By: Vito Milana

Asta, now in its 19th year, is part of a pioneering movement in the growing world of technology and blockchain. Its views are cutting-edge, razor sharp, and supported by visionary CEO Mr. Bill Angelidis. A juggernaut in the IT and sales’ fields with decades of experience, Bill and his company are making waves in the world of cryptocurrency. And when asked how Day by Day (DBD) was spawned, the answer is also embedded in water-logged tragedies: there were a couple of floods.

Nestled in the bustling district…

Day by Day: Killing it in insurance…one day at a time

The insurance landscape can be mystifying. From cars and credit, to sport and home contents, it is often a challenging and conflicting world that many have little control over. Enter Day by Day (DBD), the brainchild of Co-Founders Chris Moore, Bill Angelidis and Vange Sirianos.

With a collective drive and shared vision, along with CEO Vange Sirianos and his core team, this think-tank has paved a path towards reimagining insurance and building more genuine control into the hands of the users.

It is an exciting time ahead! We welcome you on-board this promising venture, which will certainly help shape insurance into a friendlier atmosphere, one that is sustainable and rewarding for all. Stay tuned.

The DBD Roadmap — Phase 1 well underway!

The flagship solution offering of DBD is its Asset registry management solution.

The DBD team is well underway in developing phase 1 of its wallet technology.

DBD members will be able to register and control what they insure by incorporating images, receipts, valuations and additional verification details.

By engaging with the platform members will be rewarded for their efforts by receiving DBD Tokens.

In future developments, DBD will also establish an insurance marketplace, connecting those seeking insurance coverage with those that provide it.

DBD will not be a reseller of insurance policies, but rather provide an avenue for insurance providers to quote for insurance based services to the DBD membership base in a win-win scenario for both provider and DBD’s members.

Check out our DBD video that quickly explains what we are all about.

What is DBD ?

DBD (Day-by-Day) is an asset registry management solution built on the blockchain, targeting the insurance industry. Its aims to help its members catalogue and register their assets and valuables so that when they need to make a claim they are able to easily prove ownership. DBD also partners with insurance companies, to drive new product solutions by connecting insurance seekers with insurance providers.

The DBD Value Proposition.

DBD will create a unique global model that connects members with insurance providers across a wide range of offerings. …

Introducing Day by Day (DBD). A decentralized and transparent insurance platform, customized to your lifestyle.

DBD will become the leading provider of smart asset management for cataloging and registering valuables via the blockchain.

We will reward our members and drive product innovation and provide a personalized, transparent and flexible insurance solution by connecting members with the most suitable insurance provider.

We will deliver our members peace of mind knowing that not only is their DBD Wallet protecting their assets and valuables, they are also being rewarded for using the DBD platform as the valued data captured will be utilized to drive future product enhancements.

Our development has kicked off for our phase 1 release of our Asset registry management solution.

For additional information and to download the complete whitepaper please visit our website

Day by Day (DBD)

Day by Day (DBD) is an asset registry management solution powered by blockchain. It simplifies proof of ownership and streamlines the insurance claims process.

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