Dr. V. Hufnagel to Present Video Message at the 9/24/15 FDA “Essure” Meeting

n women are NOT fully informed of the risks and there is fraud in the informed consent… BATTERY OCCURS. See:~Battery — No Consent

Internationally known women’s health expert, author, and whistle-blower Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, will be providing a “video message” and presentation 09.24.2015 to the public advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pertaining to Bayer’s controversial permanent birth control device “Essure”.

An icon in the women’s health movement, Hufnagel was the first and only physician to write law for women for informed consent for hysterectomy and female sterilization. She is the first and only Bioethics OBGYN known in the nation. She served as an UN Delegate to the International Women’s Meeting in Beijing and has been nominated repeatedly for the Nobel Prize by her patients. She has provided expert testimony and blown the whistle to the FDA regarding a number of medical devices/drugs (some which the FDA went on to ban or halt) including uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), Premarin, Provera, silicone breast implants, the Dalkon Shield, Ovabloc, MORCELLATION, as well as ESSURE.

When women are NOT fully informed of the risks and there is fraud in the informed consent… BATTERY OCCURS. See:~Battery — No Consent

Hufnagel has been reporting crimes, cover-ups and other abuses in medicine and the community for decades. Breaking the ACOG and AMA “code of silenceshe began with providing evidence that only 96% of hysterectomies in America were unnecessary and publicly disclosed that all types of female sterilization have negative physical and hormonal side effects known as post sterilization syndrome. The reaction by those being exposed by Hufnagel has been and still is “kill the messenger, kill the message”.

A victim of astroturfing for telling the truth, writing law to protect women's health rights, and for whistle-blowing, Hufnagel (aka Dr. Vikki) is now composing a live interactive book titled The Shadow of Medicine to expose the many abuses and crimes which were covered-up when she 1st reported upon them. She has offered her stories to and is working with the National Enquirer to unravel numerous crimes and abuses in the medical community and will be also outing famous celebrities (see her National Enquirer story regarding Bill Cosby).

Dr. Vikki explains, “I have been reporting crimes, cover-ups, and abuses since the 70’s. Enforcement and others have only attacked me and NEVER investigated the complaints that I filed with state and federal officials. The Bill Cosby story has caused the public to wake up and to begin to see that things are not always as they appear. Things get distorted with money and power. I have been trying for years to just report the truth against all odds. Now its time to ask for the FBI to take action using the FOIA and to make it known that these are criminal issues. I am making a criminal complaint on the record.”
Letter from the ACOG to Dr. Hufnagel stating that they oppose law that would require “informed consent” for hysterectomy
“I wasn’t like the my OBGYN peers. My foundation of study is based in science and ethics. I have not been driven by acceptance or financial again. I advocated for women and women's health rights. I wrote law to protect women which was highly opposed by the ACOG.
I became famous for creating an entire new field of medicine that challenges all current standards. Female reconstructive surgery (FRS) is based in science and ethics and advocates for hysterectomy only for confirmed cases of cancer. I created groundbreaking ethic based women’s healthcare protocols such as baseline hormone testing for all young women including before all surgeries and treatments which could alter or effect their hormones production. This has been a major focus of my work and today is still highly opposed by my peers. I lobbied and warned the FDA of harmful products and volunteered to act as expert court witness for women who were victims of fraud and malpractice and who were hysterectomized unnecessarily. Women globally sought me out because the only option offered to them was hysterectomy for benign conditions such as adenomyosis and fibroids. I was known as the doctor who didn’t perform hysterectomy. My goal is and always has been to ‘save the uterus’ and protect women’s health.”

The astroturfing and retaliation that has been waged against Hufnagel by her peers and the organizations that she has exposed has included slander, manipulation of media messages, false charges, and overall abuse of power such as the California Medical Board (CMB) revoking her medical license for “refusing to perform a hysterectomy”.

“It’s ironic that I lost my medical license for refusing to perform a hysterectomy which in truth NEVER HAPPENED. No patients where harmed and I won in court (the jury verdict was 12/0 in my favor). The California Medical Board (CMB) because of its own internal corruption refused the Judicial Notice and in their own peer directed kangaroo court revoked my license in order to silence me. This was an abuse of their power. I pissed off many people by speaking out and was made to be an example. The attacks upon me has caused many good doctors to remain silent and to follow the ‘code of silence’ out of fear for being burned at the stake as I have been.”

As explained by by Dr. Hooman Noorchashm who is devoted to ending MORCELLATION, which was the etiology of sarcoma for his wife Dr. Amy Reed, “We are at a tipping point in American medicine today. Business interests have taken over and are routinely over-riding medical ethics — on a daily basis. And if patients cry “harm”, why they are either crazy or they get shut down by a mafia-like system that is in full control — all the way up to the FDA and the United States congress. Harmed patients have no real rights in America.” ~Dr. Hufnagel adds, “The same holds true for whistle-blowers.”

Regarding the Essure medical device, in a recent Position Paper to the FDA Dr. Hufnagel wrote, “Women need to be informed that with the use of Essure they will be at higher risk for hysterectomy, and of all the risks associated with hysterectomy”. In an article posted at her blog, Hufnagel outlines a cycle of abuse in women’s healthcare that equates to CRIMINAL BATTERIES, INTENTIONAL FRAUD and MAYHEM.

What will she state in her 09/24/2015 “video message” to the FDA public panel regarding ESSURE…?

We are told we will have to wait and see it when it’s presented during the meeting. What Hufnagel is saying is, “Women are waking up and ready to take action”.

Update 09/24/2015: Video is now posted!

“The Mayhem of Essure, Morcellation and Ovabloc” by Dr. Hufnagel: (Video provided to FDA 09/24/2015)

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