Tapping into Tomorrow’s Real Estate Market Today

“Buy a house, build your wealth.”

While this mantra may just be as old as civilization itself, the problem lies in the fact that no one exactly knows in which place the most profitable wealth will be. Could it be a house in your old neighborhood, or maybe one of those exciting hotspots by the beach that you keep reading about? But then, the spectre of the housing bubble in 2007 and the foreclosures that eventually followed by devaluation of housing-related securities continues to rattle its chains. Infamously known as the subprime mortgage crisis, the global financial market was shaken to its core when homeowners defaulted on mortgage payments because their house was no longer worth the mortgage they are paying.

The crisis, which originated in the United States, was soon felt across the globe, resulting in a financial meltdown that almost brought the global economy to a grind. However, the US is not the only country to have suffered at the hands of the real estate bubble bursting. There is China with all its ghost towns and in 2013, Poland witnessed series of decline in house prices after the housing market bubble that had been building from the early 2000s, suddenly busted. However, most of these countries are now starting to peak up the market chart steadily. Netherlands property prices is increasing faster than consumer’s prices, having grown 6.5% compared to the early months of the year 2017. Ireland has also witnessed a surge, as more people, especially from the UK, are looking to buy retirement, holiday or family homes there.

But still, that doesn’t answer the question of where you should be building your wealth in, ever considered somewhere out in West or Central Europe? Somewhere like South-Eastern Europe? In countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, and Serbia. Yes, even in Serbia. South-Eastern Europe (SEE) has developed into an important backbone for European’s transportation network, acting as the transportation bridge between North, South, East and West Europe. In turn, the SEE has become a hotspot for commercial activities where distressed assets are ready to be acquired at up to 80% off their market worth.

The SEE is bustling with diverse cultural portfolios in real estate — especially distressed assets. Having caught onto the higher returns on investment compared to other typical housing markets scenarios in Central and Western Europe, investors began flocking into the market in 2015. With distressed assets selling at giveaway prices by banks who need to salvage something from their Non-Performing Loans, professional investors were attracted to the region after all. Moreover, real estate is listed as one of the top ten makers of billionaires and these guys know exactly how the rich are getting richer.

Probably you are now thinking of hitchhiking around Croatia in search of prime locations and opportunities. Unfortunately, taking a train from Albania to Croatia will not pluck a juicy, prime estate into your laps. You still need resources and the assistance of those with professional experience servicing the market. The potential for high returns works like a force of attraction to both professionally and ordinary contributors. This is the reason hedge funds exist in the first place, they help contributors (particularly ordinary investors) enter a market with potential returns on their investments with minimal risk.

Hedge funds are known to draw in massive returns (and loses too) within a short time frame, since they enable individuals to invest in various sectors relating to a land and real estate, stocks, bonds, derivatives, and currencies — unlike mutual funds that can only leverage the opportunity in stocks and bonds under strict protocols and regulations. Hedge funds are not tied with SEC regulations thus giving it a free reign for diversification.

Hedge funds usually deploy various and most time aggressive strategies so as to return on their investors’ portfolios. Basically, hedge funds perform as alternative investments using pooled funds from investors who are looking to gain from what they invest in. What better portfolio to invest in for that massive return than distressed assets in the real estate market? The question is how do you get a hedge fund firm investing in SEE? You likely never heard of one. Well even if you have, how will you know to trust them with your hard earned money?

Maybe you are looking into the typical traditional scene? You won’t find Elements Estates there.

Elements Estates is not your typical fund because Elements Estates is empowered by the immutable power of blockchain technology making all the operations transparent, trustworthy and tamper-proof. Elements Estates diversify its portfolio across several real-estate classes for profitability and guard against inflation. You will also play an important and active role in both the selection of the asset to acquire through voting and what to do with the asset — lease, sell, or renovate — through ELES, the collective token fuelling Elements Estates ecosystem. You will also get to tap into the blockchain’s efficiency and security to play on a leveled playing field as the bigger players in the market through a team with a proven track record in the industry.

With Elements Estates, building your wealth is just a click away.

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