Earlier this week we announced the launch of our new project: EpoHereos. We started working on the EpoHero mint shortly after the EpoStory burn event, building on many of the building blocks that we have developed throughout the past 2.5 years.

One of the recurring requests from the community following…

Eponyms come with exclusive commercial rights & 7k highres files.


Ownership of an Eponyms comes with full exclusive commercial rights. Use it however you wish, for as long as you hold the Eponym. If you sell (or burn) the Eponym, you lose the commercial rights. Burned Eponyms will belong to the community (more details on this coming soon).


  • Properties are being added to Eponyms
  • These are based on the style, subject & color of the art piece
  • An extra property, the “Algo Artist”, will tell you which underlying component of the AI generated the Eponym, out of possible 15
  • The purpose of the properties is to help you…

Our Vision

Eponym is the world’s first and largest collectively created NFT art collection. It is the results of the creativity and artist sensitivity of more than 3000 collectors from around the world. In its essence, Eponym is a decentralised AI art collection.

The team at ART AI has been…


Turn your own words into beautiful NFTs 🖼 Community 😎https://discord.gg/eATWM8cJ Opensea 🎨 https://opensea.io/collection/eponym

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