Pacific Gaslight: Why Big Brother Needs A President You Hate

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Pacific Gaslight, 4 Years In Headlines

Part 3: I Hate President Goldstein!

Part 4: Who Runs North Korea?

Part 5: Conclusion

Are those Tweets? No, anything but Tweets! AAAHHHH! Twitter burns! It burns!

Part 1: Introduction

I’m hardly the first person to compare North Korea to George Orwell’s final novel “1984”. The late writer-historian Christopher Hitchens, for example, tried mightily but failed to avoid making the comparison upon his visit to the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

May 2nd, 2005:

The private life has been entirely abolished. One tries to avoid cliché, and I did my best on a visit to this terrifying country in the year 2000, but George Orwell’s 1984 was published at about the time that Kim Il Sung set up his system, and it really is as if he got hold of an early copy of the novel and used it as a blueprint. (“Hmmm … good book. Let’s see if we can make it work.”)

But there’s an overwhelming irony to a nation — where private-life has been entirely abolished — being shrouded in such extreme secrecy to the rest of the world. What if almost everyone is missing a big secret about the “Hermit Kingdom”? Why, for example, did Kim Jong Un attend school in Switzerland?

Micaelo said his friend showed talent in drawing and mathematics even though he had some initial problems with learning German. He had been told while at school that Kim Jong-un was the son of the North Korean ambassador…
…The Steinhoelzli school is a state-run school founded in 1956 and attended by many children from foreign families. Its motto is “We produce quality.”

Why did America’s intelligence community help make a movie where the CIA recruits the host of a celebrity TV talk show to earn the trust of the similarly celebrity-obsessed leader of North Korea in order to assassinate him?

The film was produced by Japan’s Sony Pictures, but finalized only after receiving critical advice and assistance from the Obama State Department, the Rand Corporation, and according to a 2014 interview Rogen gave to the New York Times, the CIA.

But obviously Big Brother would never recruit the host of Celebrity Apprentice for similar purposes. How could they? Isn’t Donald Trump working for foreign enemies of the United States?

Before Trump was Russian, he was North Korean. That’s what we were told in the spring of 2016. Have you forgotten?

So what the heck is really going on with Trump and North Korea?

Part 2: Pacific Gaslight, 4 Years In Headlines:

June 26th, 2014:

December 19th, 2014:

January 2nd, 2015:

January 18th, 2015:

August 15th, 2015:

September 15th, 2015:

October 11th, 2015:

March 7th, 2016:

April 24, 2016:

April 24th, 2016:

May 30th, 2016:

May 31st, 2016:

May 31st, 2016:

June 1st, 2016:

June 2nd, 2016:

August 22nd, 2016:

February 18th, 2017:

April 5th, 2017:

April 12th, 2017:

April 14th, 2017:

August 1st, 2017:

November 7th, 2017:

November 8th, 2017:

November 8th, 2017:

November 10th, 2017

January 8th, 2018:

January 16th, 2018:

January 16th, 2018:

January 17th, 2018:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” — 1984

Part 3: I Hate President Goldstein

Did you see that Emmanuel Goldstein, the traitor from the Telescreen, is running for Leader of Big Brother? Ridiculous! Goldstein will never be Leader. What a joke! He’ll probably drop out soon. He’s working for Eastasia!

Looks like it’s either Big Brother or Emmanuel Goldstein. Well obviously I don’t want that hateful man from the Telescreen to be the Leader. Goldstein is working for Eurasia!

Oh My God! Emmanuel Goldstein can’t be Leader! Do something Big Brother! Help us! He doesn’t even support Oceania! He’s working for Eastasia!

Get Goldstein off the Telescreen! Get him off! He’s inciting violence! What are you waiting for Big Brother? He’s working for Eurasia! You’re our only hope. Hurry!

Goldstein is committing Thought Crimes! We need the Thought Police to arrest him for violating our Newspeak! I hate Emmanuel Goldstein more than anyone!

Emmanuel Goldstein said on the Telescreen that 2 + 2 = 7. Liar! Liar! How can anyone be dumb enough to support that lunatic? We all know 2 + 2 = 3, 4, or sometimes 5 depending on what Big Brother says. But definitely not 7!

I’m sorry Thought Police for my Thought Crimes! I should have fought harder for Big Brother. I confess, okay! I confess that I had doubts about Big Brother! I wasn’t sure I could trust Big Brother. I wasn’t even sure if Goldstein actually wanted to be leader in the first place. But now I know the truth! Only Big Brother can save us from the tyranny of Emmanuel Goldstein. I apologize for my treasonous thought-crime doubts!

Don’t let Goldstein throw us into MiniLuv! Goldstein is the one who should be in Miniluv! He’s working for Eurasia, or Eastasia, or both! Save us Big Brother!

Part 4: Who Runs North Korea?

Kim Jong Un’s Swiss education is one of several facts that have led some to question whether North Korea is really what it seems. Several months ago I watched a video alleging that the Hermit Kingdom is a puppet-state of America’s intelligence community. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard the allegation. That’s a tough pill to swallow, even for a “conspiracy theorist” like me. How can that be possible? How?!?! I don’t believe it. It can’t be!

But increasingly, I’ve had great difficulty getting the thought out of my head that what we’ve been told about North Korea doesn’t add up. In the video, Dyer references researcher F. William Engdahl. Here’s Engdahl relaying a conversation he had about North Korea with James R. Lilley, former CIA agent and U.S. ambassador to both China and South Korea:

In the event, in our Davos discussion we touched on events in Asia and the ongoing focus by Washington on North Korea’s nuclear program. Unexpectedly, Lilley made a remarkable statement to me. He said, “Simply put, at the end of the Cold War, if North Korea didn’t exist we would have to create it as an excuse to keep the Seventh Fleet in the region.”
…At this point it clearly is the case that under the erratic 32-year-old Swiss-educated Kim Jong Un, Washington has found the perfect boogie man to scare South Korea and Japan into embracing Washington’s agenda to maximize pressure, military as well as economic, against Russia and against China. James R. Lilley’s Davos remark to me is borne out by the recent militaristic and foreign policy actions of North Korean Supreme Commander, Jim Jong Un. It seems it wasn’t even necessary for the United States to “create North Korea.” Washington only had to cultivate the infantile personality of Kim Jong Un.

But is it really possible that the CIA and/or the Pentagon uses North Korea in order to justify American military presence in the East-Asian Pacific? North Korea is, after-all, the only Pacific-coast country that shares a border with both Russia and China.

Could a theory this crazy actually be true?

[Oh look, it’s the Teneo guys who stole the Clintons emails and then black-mailed them, as I wrote about last April in How Chelsea and Ivanka took over Washington (and why nobody will cover the Teneo scandal).]

I don’t know if the North Korea puppet-state theory is true (and I almost published this article without including it). But ultimately I decided I couldn’t tell this story without at least raising the possibility and asking the relevant questions. And when you consider the alternative state-sanctioned conspiracy theory about who Trump is a puppet of and who is black-mailing him (and who isn’t), the North Korea puppet-state theory begins to seem disturbingly plausible by comparison. I decided I’d be remiss not to include this section.

Part 5: Conclusion

Trump has perfected a new type of propaganda, one where the press hates him for whatever reasons his friends in Washington need him to be hated. He’s George Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein. But instead of two minutes of daily hate, it’s nonstop hate.
The twenty four hour reality TV news cycle is frying people’s brains. The attention spans are gone. The American presidency has jumped the shark and there’s no coming back from this. Let Trump be the last president.

I wrote “Trump is Controlled Opposition” in the wake of Donald Trump helping the Democratic Party bury the story of why the DNC Fraud Lawsuit was dismissed. Since then, I’ve learned that the Florida Federal Judge who presided over the DNC Fraud Lawsuit is the same judge who took up the appeal on the class-action lawsuit against Trump’s Jupiter Golf Club.

February 2nd, 2017:

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra in West Palm Beach said Trump National Golf Club Jupiter must repay $4.849 million plus $925,010 of interest to 65 former members for breach of contract, following a non-jury trial last August…
…The Trump Organization said in a statement that it disagreed with the decision and will appeal.

Then in April, Judge William Zloch made a highly unusual decision:

Judge William Zloch, a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, sent Breen’s state claims, including a retaliation claim against the club arising under the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992, to state court, keeping only the federal claim of retaliation in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in federal district court.
The judge said that the state law claims “present both novel and complex questions of state law, which would otherwise predominate over the federal claim presented here.”
The court’s decision was unusual, said Charles Krugel, an attorney in Chicago. He noted that the court admitted as much when it stated, “The court recognizes that current trends in the law favor expanded federal court jurisdiction.”
“The judge no doubt recognizes that none of the parties will want to fight a two-front war and risk a double loss or split decision,” Kluger said. “Thus the plaintiff will either drop the Title VII claim and stay in state court or [drop] the state claims and remain in federal court. In this case, state court is the better venue for the plaintiff.”

Three weeks later, as Judge Zloch presided over the DNC Fraud Lawsuit trial, the Trump Jupiter Golf Club lawsuit was settled out of court.

No wonder Trump kept his mouth shut about Judge Zloch’s DNC Fraud Lawsuit dismissal. No wonder that when Zloch dismissed the case hours before Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the gulf coast, Trump went the extra mile of quickly pardoning Joe Arpaio and firing Sebastian Gorka to help Zloch’s dismissal stay out of the news.

The Arpaio pardon isn’t what was lost in the storm.

Once, Trump was too close to North Korea. Then Oceania’s emails began leaking and he immediately asked Russia to help him win the election. Then he got elected and suddenly he was too close to China. Then Russia again. Then China again. Then Russia again. Eurasia — no, Eastasia — no Eurasia — no, Eastasia — no, actually we’ve never been at war with Eastasia! Obama never mocked Mitt Romney for saying Russia was a geopolitical enemy of the United States. And Trump was never condemned for being too friendly with North Korea. It never happened!

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, try as they might, maybe Big Brother CAN’T figure out how to get rid of President Goldstein. Maybe they CAN’T get the 24 hours hate off the Telescreen. Maybe, after decades of his global money laundering across dozens of countries, maybe Big Brother just hasn’t found enough evidence yet to bring him down. They just need a little more time. Maybe 30 plus years of Trump’s global crime spree wasn’t enough time for the FBI, CIA, and NSA to find the evidence to take him down? Maybe tomorrow?

Do you believe that?

And as FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds detailed in a recent interview on The Corbett Report, the FBI’s tactics of gathering dirt on politicians did not end after Hoover’s death. During her tenure with the agency in the early part of last decade, she witnessed how the Bureau would hang on to information gained from eavesdropping on FBI investigation targets who were conspiring with top-ranking political figures. The information, as Edmonds and the field agents involved in the investigations surmised, was being stored for later use in blackmailing politicians who crossed the Bureau or its director.

Whatever the truth is about how North Korea came to be and how Kim Jong Un came to power, is it harder to believe that the CIA and the Pentagon would use the North Korean threat to keep an eye on Russia and China than it is to believe that a global criminal enterprise as ostentatiously corrupt as the Trump businesses have escaped the best and brightest of America’s Federal Criminal Law Enforcement for decades, despite their best efforts?

If the goal of America’s intelligence community was to make the public hate Russia and China as much as humanly possible — wouldn’t they want a historically unpopular president who is perceived as being a foreign agent of those countries? And wouldn’t they want to down-play the president’s ties to authoritarian regimes that are on America’s side (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, etc.) or that America is trying desperately to keep on its side (Turkey, The Philippines, etc.)?

Orwell left the question ambiguous whether or not Goldstein was controlled opposition, working for Big Brother to catch dissidents and torture supporters with false hope. I assume he was. Why else choose to give a man so much exposure, so much influence, and so much power if you can’t control him?

Trump is president because of who he makes you hate.

Emmanuel Goldstein works for Big Brother.