More on the GPT3 and GOOGLE IMAGEN hype

NLP vs NLU blog post on GlobalLogic UK&I

I just published an article on the GlobalLogic blog about the Large Language Model, GPT3, and Google IMAGEN hype.

NLP does NOT equal NLU! Language processing is great, but Explainable Language Understanding is the only effective — as well as ethical - goal.

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Drop the suffix!

Can we please get something straight?!

Every time I hear the terms “Conversation-al Design” and “Conversation-al Designer”, my blood curdles! The terms are mainly used by outsiders or newbies to the field or definitely non-Linguists (and you need to be a Linguist to design effective natural language human-machine interfaces). These malapropisms imply that the design or the designer are chatty! (and I know I am definitely not after a long day!).

So, the right terminology is:


When there’s another word in-between, I give you my blessing to use the -AL suffix:

— Conversational AI
— Conversational AI Designer
— Conversational Experience Design
— Conversational Experience Designer

You’re welcome! 😅



A problem has been detected

Just saw this in a Chatbot:

❌ “Please provide your name” (Bad Conversation Design)


  • Don’t use technical jargon and convoluted terms (“provide” instead of “tell me”)
  • Avoid orders and instructions as much as possible (“Please tell me” instead of “What’s ..”)
  • Instead, use simple language and natural expressions (complete with contractions; “what’s” instead of “what is”)

✅ “What’s your name?” (Good Conversation Design)

❌ “How can I assist you today?” (Bad Conversation Design)

✅ “How can I help today?” (Good Conversation Design)

Till next time, be good!



Dr Maria Aretoulaki

Dr Maria Aretoulaki

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