The Great Elastos Ecosystem

Elastos is the safe and reliable internet of the future. Built utilizing the blockchain, this technological breakthrough provides the first completely safe environment on the web where decentralized applications are detached from the internet while also permitting full scalability to millions of users. Elastos enables the generation of wealth through ownership and exchange of your data and digital assets. Welcome to the new Smart Web, where safety and economic distribution can flourish on the internet.

“This article is meant to give an overview of the ecosystem that Elastos has built in a short time. It is easy to forget all the companies and projects Elastos has partnered with, since the Elastos ecosystem is expanding at an unbelievably fast pace. This is the complete beginner’s guide to The Elastos Ecosystem.”

G3 — NEO & Bitmain

“First of all, a common misconception is that Elastos is built on NEO platform. This is completely false. Elastos has its own blockchain and is NOT a NEP5 token. Elastos already has its main network that went live back in December 2017 at Da Hongfei of NEO and Jihan Wu of Bitmain are both early investors and advisors to Elastos. Jihan Wu has committed to redirecting hashing power from Bitcoin mining to Elastos. G3 is a co-operation between NEO, Elastos and Bitmain who share a vision of a decentralized economy and smart web. Key features of the smart web include the virtual machine, runtime environments and trust zone, provided by Elastos and Bitmain, consensus provided by NEO and KYC provided by Ontology. G3 is meant to cooperate with Chinese government regulations and considering two of the leading figures of Chinese blockchain are involved (Jihan Wu and Da Hongfei), the likelihood that these projects will greatly succeed when the Chinese adopt crypto-friendly regulations is very, very high.”



“Elastos received a $31 million sponsorship from Foxconn group for R&D. FFoxconn Technology Group, is a multinational electronics contract manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. Foxconn is the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer.”


SAIC Motor

“Recently, Shanghai Automobile Group, the largest automobile manufacturer in China, commissioned the Elastos tech team to implement Elastos applications in the in-vehicle central control system. Through Elastos’ blockchain technology, the user’s identification can be verified and other subsystems in the vehicle will be connected and controlled. Thus, a unified software development platform for smart cars will be built. They hope to solve the issues of the in-vehicle system with the help of Elastos’s cross-platform capability, security features and software development model oriented to component programming.”

The entire research project had four parts:

  • Vehicle central control panel: Vehicle central control system. TI large screen tablets will be used as the hardware solution and Elastos 5.0 OS will be used as the software solution.
  • Automotive controller: The driving simulation control system will include the control of the front wheels, rear wheels, and the brake. Raspberry Pi will be used as the hardware solution and linux+Elastos Runtime SDK will be used as the software solution.
  • High-performance computer: It will simulate the driving AI computing platform. In this demo, it’ll mainly be used for real-time recognition and analysis processing based on video streaming. High-performance PC with 1070 graphics cards will be the hardware solution, and Ubuntu+elastos Runtime SDK will be the software solution.
  • User’s cellphone: An unused native Android phone that simulates the user’s own mobile phone, communicating and controlling the in-vehicle system through the cellphone app. Software: Android 6.0 + Elastos Runtime SDK


New Energy Exchange (iNEX)

“The New Energy Exchange Ltd. (NEX) was established in 2012. They founded iNex with a mission to leverage new blockchain technology to create a globally connected network of energy transfer including wind, solar, hydro power and energy storage. As a service provider, they focus on resource integration, the advancement of new strategies, innovation and global markets.”

“While the marriage of an internet of content, and an internet of energy is a bit unclear, the two companies appear to have the resources to grow. The overlap is in blockchain technology and sharing technical expertise in the development of the two platforms. The Elastos Foundation is based in China, while iNex (NEX) is based in Hong Kong.”

“New Energy Exchange is backed by investment capital from Huawei, Alibaba and Tencent founder, Xiaosong. They’re also partnered with Panda Green, a company that built a solar power plant for the UN and has plans for the construction of 100 new green energy plants, tied to the Panda Coin dApp for Elastos.”


A8 Music

“A8 Music, a comprehensive digital music company, is to provide music content and services to mobile phone users. A8 & Elastos sign a strategic cooperation. Using block chain music copyright protection technology and digital music consumer market, A8 & Elastos will bring revolutionary revolution.”


Elastos x Bitmain DApp Meetup: 5 partnerships

1. Zapya

“ZAYPA is a peer-to-peer file sharing app across different platforms such as Android and IOS phone, WP, PC etc. ZAYPA ranked #1 among the similar category Apps. This app enables users in countries even with low internet penetration and poor internet architecture to transfer and share files without using the Internet, by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot to which other devices can connect. ZAYPA app allows communities to make a local network and then subsequently transfer files back and forth. Scan another phone and you will be able to get connected within 5 seconds. You can transfer app, game, video, music, pdf all different types of file.”

“ZAYPA now has over 500 million registered users and 76 million active users around the world. This App is very popular India, Southeast Asia, China, Pakistan and Cuba. In some areas, ZAYPA is even more famous than Facebook.”

“Elastos opened a new door for the Blockchain technology. ZAYPA will be a strategic partner of Elastos, by using its public chain technology to create a Decentralized Apps.”

ZAYPA mentioned the design of future Dapps called ViewChain.

ViewChain = ZAPYA + IPFS + Blockchain

2. Reactor

REACTOR INDEPENDENT GAME GUILD (short for RIGG) is a decentralized game distribution platform for PC and Mobile phone.

“Through becoming a strategic partner with Elastos, RIGG could be able to use blockchain and smart contract to let players and game developers get involved in the game distribution process without the help of intermediator. Also, high quality, limited edition or high price equipment and asset in the games could be able to trade peer to peer among players. Right now influential live stream players are not rewarded as they should be. The influencers could be empowered through the use of smart contract so that they could get more benefit from the show.”

3. Trust Credit Power

“Trust Credit Power(TCP)is to build the consensus and trust for participants, and set up a credit system through the blockchain technology and its application in order to empower people and business.”

“China has multi million rental population, rental property business is a multi-billion business. Information mismatch and the complication of transaction made trust system hard to build. TCP worked with over 300 rental property companies and has over 120,000 properties under management, with more and more people move into the city, rental business is growing very fast.”

“Through the help of the Blockchain technology, TCP could verify the real identity of each parties and smart contract could make the business transaction more secure and efficient. Also, TCP and Elastos is developing smart home equipment. Now with 40,000 smart router to begin with, they have P2P network roots down to the earth.”

4. Panda Green

Panda Green ( HK Stock Quote: 00686.HK) is a world leading ecosystem solution provider located in Hong Kong. Panda Green is one of the larges solar energy producer in China.

“Panda Green could use Elastos blockchain technology to set up the clean energy trading platform. At the first stage, we launched the first Dapp with Elastos in China. First batch 100 families get the opportunity to use the Dapp to purchase the clean energy. Big companies such as Apple are saying they will keep using clean energy but how could they do that easier?”

“Blockchain provide a solution for that. You can use the smart contract to connect power generation to get real data and make Electricity tractable. DC to AC converter, Solar panels, even converters have cpu build in, they all could be used as a node. Right Now we can’t trace back what kind of electricity we are using now. Currently, we are testing the Dapp in Shenzheng. At the second stage, 10,000 family would join to use the App. We are planning in 2 to 3 years, we will have a energy trading platform. Customers could be able to trade their energy and make payment through the platform. Company such as Solarcity, construction solar panel above your roof. But right now, the energy produced by solar panel can only be used for yourself, the extra cannot be used for trading. In future, with blockchain we could realize P2P or C2C energy trading. Customers could purchase the clean energy though web or App by themselves without other party get involved.”

“Panda Green will not have ICO, rather, their token will be used to reward customer’s behavior. Consumption of clean energy or using electrical car will be rewarded. You can use the reward token to pay for your electricity bills, pay for Uber or sharing bicycles. With the help of Elastos, Panda Green will have a great performance at energy sector.”

5. Origin

Origin Agritech Ltd. (NASDAQ: SEED) is a world leading seeds provider company. Origin sell hybrid seeds in more than 10,000 locations down to Chinese small villages and rural agriculture area.

“Origin is the first commercial seed company in China. It provides bio-technology agriculture seeds product called hybrid seeds. Origin also help Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to track seed supply. This information is very strategic for the whole nation. If the starving problem does not handled well, country like China with such population will have big trouble. Also, the quality of the seed, logistic issues are really important information for the government. With the help of Blockchain technology, tracking could become much more cost-effective and reliable because of the data on the blockchain is non-changeable. Not just for seeds, blockchain could be used for agriculture fruits too. For example, how to make sure the food is safe or how to test whether it is organic food or not. A blockchain tracking system could fulfill this need.”

“Origin already have 20 years business experience in China, it understand the needs of consumption. Also, Origin is getting involved in the agriculture product E-Commerce now. Two Chinese E-Commerce site are growing very fast now. one is called People Go and Yunji. They are building Social E-Commerce apps. Origin helps Yunji raised 40 billion RMB Fund.”

“Also, China is prepared to liberate the privatise the farmlands now. With the help of blockchain technology, manage, monetise and transfer farmland could become more efficient and easier.”


Far Eastern Air Transport

“ Huafu Group and FAT will accept ELA as a payment method for its commodities, services and real estate. The Elastos side-chain feature will be specifically applied to their daily operation. It will provide a good opportunity and test implementing Elastos features to the real economy and recommend the resources in the real economy or the airline industry needed in the future to Elastos. Meanwhile, Elastos can provide Huafu Group and FAT with the consulting and technical support of blockchain operation.”


Urban Catalyst and UK China Catalyst

About Urban Catalyst

“Urban Catalyst is a mixed-use real estate development firm, established in 1998, with a strong history of delivering public-private projects exemplified by high-quality design and the creation of sustainable social infrastructure led urban communities where people want to live and work. Company project values are in excess of £2 billion.”

“Company Founder and Executive Chairman Mr Ken Dytor have held senior non executive positions including English Heritage, London Southbank University, British Property Federation and the British Council for Offices. He has also had senior executive roles at the Crown Estate and British Land.”

About UK China Catalyst

“UK China Catalyst was established in 2016 and has focused on the projects in real estate, sports, medicine, technology, education and media, including cryptocurrency investment, mining companies investment, and blockchain ecosystem implementation.”

“Both British firms work together and will be exploring and developing the Elastos Foundation ecosystem in the UK and EU , including the £1bn + real estate development including Film and TV creative industry studios in London. They are also working in other areas of UK and EU, combining blockchain technology, promoting ELA and its token ecosystem in the use of commercial settings including local and international students and a power station led development.”


Newton Project

Jizhe Xu is the Founder and Chairman of Newton foundation. In January 2018, the Newton project was created to develop a super exchange agreement through technological innovations such as blockchain and Internet of things, and finally realize the vision of “everyone should benefit from economic growth”. He became the angel investor and co-founder of Elastos in 2017.

“ After many years of industry experience, accumulation and observation of the industry mode, I finally decide to devote all myself in blockchain industry. By the end of 2016, I was more involved in blockchain projects. In July 2017, I invested and deeply participated in Mr. Chen Rong’s Elastos project. As one of the Angel investors, I helped Mr. Chen to explore the development direction and the underlying framework of Elastos. Early 2018, I set up the Newton project and led the team to create an agreement infrastructure for an electricity supply industry. Therefore, based on the long-term participation in the blockchain industry, in my opinion, enter the blockchain industry is more like the result of accumulation of experience from the industry for many years rather than a deliberate choice.”


Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)

Distributed Credit Chain is a strategic partner of Elastos. DCC is an underlying public chain that deploys blockchain technology to construct distributed bank systems. Stewie Zhu, the CEO of DCC, is also an angel investor in the Newton project.



FRESCO is the world’s first blockchain art digital asset network.

“Through blockchain technology and Elastos’ operating system, FRESCO enables liquidation, promotion, and provenance of artworks at a global scale.”

“FRESCO mainly consists of FRES artwork trust value (FRES Trust) and FRES artwork blockchain digital copyright (FRES Edition). FRES Trust is a blockchain-based art value measurement system. FRES Edition is the limited digital assets copyright issued by artwork holders on FRESCO platform.”

“FRESCO is launching the world’s first ICD (Initial Coin Distribution), distributing 300 million FRESCO tokens to the global community free of charge. Through this process, FRESCO will enable nearly 150,000 people to learn and understand the art world. This is something even world’s leading art institutions can’t achieve.”

“Through FRES Trust and FRES Edition, FRESCO manages to expand the art investment population to the whole world and therefore pushes the art market to an unprecedented level.”


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fresco elastos


“Elastos is pleased to announce its partnership with Weatherblock, the first blockchain based weather data exchange platform.”

“The two parties have signed an MOU to use the Elastos Runtime, Carrier, Dapp framework, and browser in the Weatherblock ecosystem. Weatherblock is also currently doing research to integrate the Elastos OS.”

“Weatherblock allows users to monetize IoT weather data by using physical sensors to gain valuable ground level information. The current public data used to predict weather is gathered from high altitude readings and can be inaccurate for precise weather conditions. Weatherblock’s granular sensors allow more accurate block to block data accumulation and provide a peer-to-peer platform to exchange this data and monetize its value.”



On May 26th, at the Beijing National Aquatics Center, Elastos signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BIT.GAME.

Elastos and BIT.GAME will jointly construct an ecosystem for blockchain games and launch a comprehensive cooperation for ecological development. After the signing ceremony, Rong Chen, CEO of Elastos, gave a speech to illustrate how Elastos will help support the future of blockchain technology and the internet ecosystem.

BIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games with complete development kit support for traditional game publishers based on Ethereum, Achain, TrustNote, Gamechain System, Matrix AI Network, etc. These may be off-chain circulation solution, single-public blockchain solution or multi-public blockchain solution.


META Union Alliance

Elastos announced its membership in a strategic alliance with four other public chains, collectively called, META Union. The alliance includes Matrix AI Network (MAN), TrustNote (TTT), Achain, Aurora, and Elastos. All members will work together to conduct blockchain research that will facilitate innovation, transform ideas into real world utilities, and promote blockchain technology to the world.

“Matrix is an open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. The Matrix infrastructure is re-built with artificial intelligence techniques that help revolutionize the user experience of executing smart contracts by making it faster, easier and safer. Matrix offers the ability to build highly flexible blockchain networks that can support adaptive self-optimization and multi-chain collaboration.”

“TrustNote is a minable public DAG-ledger with a two-tier consensus mechanism this is designed for blockchain games, social networks, and digital token issuance.”

“Achain is a public blockchain platform that gives developers the ability to issue tokens and create smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain systems. Achain aims to build a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.”

“Aurora is a suite of decentralized applications and protocols that create a fully decentralized and autonomous banking and finance platform. Aurora wants to recreate and improve upon the current financial ecosystem in a modern and decentralized way. Aurora offers a stable, private, and open financial system to anyone in the world regardless of location, class status, or privacy preferences.”



On May 28th, Elastos signed a contract with the Hash Future Foundation and formed a strategic partnership with HashWorld.

“HashWorld is a blockchain game that allows users to learn about blockchain technology while also enabling them to earn real digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and ELA. Users can “mine” currencies in the game and purchase virtual lands that can grow in value. The goal of HashWorld is to teach the world about blockchain technology and reward them with real economic value.:



“Elastos is the safe and reliable internet of the future. Utilizing the blockchain technology, Elastos provides a safe environment where decentralized applications are detached from the internet and permitting full scalability to millions of users in the meantime.”

“The blockchain structure of Elastos consists of main and side chains. With such structure, Elastos avoids issues of main chain overload and congestion and increases the possibility of Elastos becoming the basis for future internet applications.”

Mr. Rong Chen, Chairman of Elastos Foundation, with Aryan Hung, CEO & Founder of ioeX

“Mr. Rong Chen, Chairman of Elastos Foundation, attended both the launch event and Computex Taipei to show support to ioeX. The relationship between Mr. Chen and the ioeX team dates back to 2012, when Aryan Hung, CEO & Founder of ioeX, was working on an industrial IoT project in Foxconn.”

“ioeX is based on the Elastos infrastructure. With the interconnection of existing servers and smart devices, ioeX is able to create a decentralized peer-to-peer network that increases the efficiency of software updates.”

“Elastos aim to build the new Smart Web, where safety and economic distribution can flourish on the internet. ioeX is thrilled to be a part of the great plan.”


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