3A GameFi Project — BigTime: is it worth investing?

I. Introduction

BigTime is a blockchain-based MMORPG game. It is a 3A masterpiece that is expected to be launched next year. According to the official channel, this is the first game in their ecological series. Currently BigTime has not been launched yet; however according to its roadmap, alpha tesing will be launched this month. And GMA have purchased some in-game tickets (VIP pass) and NFT-space.


The game official website is very simple: it shows that the game currently has 4 different characters and 6 weapon categories, as well as a Time Machine. Every player is given a Time Machine after reaching a certain level, in the early stages of the game.

II. Project Highlights & Risk Aspects

We will get straight into the topic, let’s first introduce the points worth paying attention to and investment risks of the game.

1. The biggest highlight is that there will be no initial offering or pre-sale of the token to anyone, including the development team, meaning that the token will be 100% community-driven. The primary way to acquire the tokens will be to play the game.

2. The team has a solid background: some of the team members have experience in the traditional game industry. The founder Ari is also the founder of Decentraland, so he is quite experienced in managing Metaverse.

3. BigTime offers fiat-USDC trading pair on its official website. The players can use their debit card and credit card to buy the tokens directly without involving other tokens. This makes it easier for common players to enter the game and will attract more audience. It is highly likely to be a blockchain game that can break into the traditional game circle next year.

4. The game has built the Guild sector, which is pretty suitable for the GameFi track overall. The well-known blockchain guild YGG has also participated in the game development.

Currently, the risk aspects are:

1. The official game or alpha testing has not launched yet, we are still unable to see what the game actually looks like for now.

2. VIP pass and NFT are very pricy now on the marketplace. The team has also expressed that VIP passes now have a higher premium, so the players should be more careful when deciding to invest in the game.

III. Updated Economic Models & Ways to Participate

In the next part we will introduce the ways to participate in the game. Although the game has not been launched, we gathered useful information from Medium and game’s AMA. So we have sorted out the economic model of BigTime for everyone. The players can purchase VIP pass and NFT-space on the marketplace to invest in the game.

A. P2E

1. VIP pass:

First of all, let’s look into VIP pass: the owners can participate in the alpha testing and the data will be reserved when the official game launches, so the players will be able to keep the NFTs. However, the passes are very expensive to buy directly on the game’s official website. For example, the price of Jade VIP Access Pass on the official website is $1600, and on the secondary market on Binance is about $800. The price gap is due to the fact that the official website has enabled the use of debit and credit cards for payment. Binance secondary market is the primary choice to buy the pass for alpha testing only, so the investment value is relatively low.


2. NFT-space

Next, let’s focus on the NFT-space in the game: it is similar to the concept of virtual land, and the players can obtain tokens according to the space they have. As mentioned earlier, tokens are 100% earned from the game, which is currently the only certified way to earn tokens.

According to the instructions in Medium, the process of obtaining tokens is:

Step 1: Acquire SPACE in-game or on the marketplace.

Step 2: Unlock a Time Keeper in-game or buy one on the marketplace.

Step 3. Acquire your Hourglass in-game, from a guild, or on the marketplace.

Step 4: With your Hourglass in hand, go hunt for tokens in the game.

It seems that NFT-space is very important: it is directly linked to the amount of tokens that can be obtained. The total amount of SPACE is 600,000, most of which are generated from games, which are pretty rare and difficult to obtain. 10% of them were sold on the official website a few days ago, and there are 5 different rarity tiers (Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Exalted) and 3 different sizes for SPACE (Small, Medium, Large).

B. Free to play

Players can also participate in the game for free without spending money on NFTs in the game. We believe that it is very likely that ordinary players can get some low-end NFTs through gameplay, and they can sell the NFT to other players or NPCs to upgrade their own equipment to buy SPACE. Because free-to-play players don’t have hourglass, which can only be generated through SPACE. With SPACE, the players can upgrade more advanced equipment and generate higher revenue.

III. Conclusion

The above is the analysis of some released content at present. BigTime has many highlights but there are also many unknown factors for now.

Common players can wait until the game is launched next year to try the alpha testing.

If you are more optimistic about BigTime, you can buy NFT-space according to your investment strategy; however the current premium of VIP pass is too high to invest. If you want to participate in the alpha testing, you can still purchase from the Binance secondary market.

— — — — — —


NFT Market:https://nft.bigtime.gg/

Token Economy:https://medium.com/playbigtime/introducing-the-big-time-token-741bd797c9d0



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