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Mar 27, 2018 · 4 min read

In the physical world, Kelvin is a measure of temperature and light, a scale unique in its absence of negatives. It’s a way to measure the universe with a range of positive marks. At Kelvin, we’re creating a way to do this on the Internet. We’ve built a simple, user-determined, user-moderated way to have a conversation as large as the Internet, on top of the Internet. In this post, we will walk you through our Kelvin extension — so you can get started giving feedback to the Internet.

Before we get started: Make sure you have the Kelvin extension installed.

If you don’t have the Kelvin extension installed, and you are a Google Chrome user, visit our Chrome installation guide and we’ll walk you through the process, or simply click here.

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, visit our Firefox installation guide and we’ll walk you through the process, or simply click here.

Introducing the Kelvin Extension!

The Kelvin extension makes it easy for you to rate and review any site you visit. You simply visit a website and click on your Kelvin extension icon in the upper right corner of your browser. The extension makes it possible for you to rate and review the site you’re visiting. It also provides insight into what other Kelviners think and are saying about the site.

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The Kelvin Extension icon

Click on the extension icon to open the extension!

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Be the first to discover the site!

he plus symbol means you’re the first to discover this site on Kelvin.

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Join the conversation on the site!

he comments symbol means people are already discussing this site on Kelvin.

As you will see below, the extension has a couple components.

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The rating slider is the scale that you can use to show how you feel about a site.

The Kelvin rating goes from 😤 to 🤩, so express your feelings about a site however you like. It’s completely up to you! Simply drag the 🙂 along the slider using your mouse, watch its expression change and drop it wherever feels right to you. You can adjust your rating by moving the 🙂 at any time.

The average rating tells you how the Kelvin community as a whole feels about the site.

You can also write something in the Thoughts? box. Your remark might be a review of the webpage, or a tutorial, a funny fact, or a question. Again, it’s completely up to you.

The extension also shows you how many other Kelviners have voted on the site and how many comments a site has received. The comments are displayed in the extension, making it easy for you to join the conversation while you surf the site. Recent remarks were posted by other Kelviners recently, while Popular remarks were highly up-voted.

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The end result is that the conversation about a site — in this case, our very own — can happen on top of the site. Cool, right?

Upcoming improvements

We are a small, scrappy team keeping things lean — so we know there’s a long way to go with this extension.

Something to note: for now, all remarks and scores are assigned to the homepage of the site that you’re on, but you can still view all discussion and scores from anywhere on the site without leaving the webpage. Just click that extension icon to join the conversation!

A few things in the works: We’re making it possible to up-vote and down-vote remarks in the extension itself, and figuring out how to make longer remarks (like tutorials or reviews) expandable so you can choose more of what you want to see. At the end of the day, we are driven by certain ideals: user-determination, free speech, and innovative communication. That said, we’d love to hear your thoughts on your Kelvin extension experience. You can leave feedback in the Kelvin extension on our site itself, or directly on Kelvin’s feedback page.

Have fun, show love and have opinions! Give feedback to the Internet!

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