AfterPod — Walking Around

Half the time,

The other half of the time,


'Stop standing down there, fool, you’ll get hit! First, I‘ll laugh. THEN, I will help you.’


Do we follow fools or the informed?

Listening Signals



  • Phone Connected to Bluetooth Buds — often hard to detect since they can be almost as small as an actual hearing aid, the dangly white airpods are quite distinctive. The person appears to be just talking to themselves. Some have a neck-bar, from which the buds are wired, which can be a clue, too.
  • Phone Connected to Corded Earbuds — more visible; if a person is talking to themselves and you see this, it is a plausible explanation for the behavior.
  • Phone Speaker — by this, I mean holding the phone up to your ear like, well, a phone (sorry for the repetition but I trust you DO see the irony here) where the output sound goes more directly into one ear as the phone is pressed up against it. Classic phone conversation behavior… which has also been faked (one-sided) since the beginning.
  • Speakerphone — these days, this typically involves holding a mobile phone horizontally in front of your mouth as you speak into the microphone AND have the speakerphone ON, where the other party’s audio can be heard to some degree. Convenient when you have no hands, want to take notes, whatever… but odd for someone walking along the street or in a coffee shop. And making it harder to hear. And most certainly not private. Yet quite common — gesturing mandatory — I assume people do this because that’s what they see on TV(?!).


Listening To Talk

…yet it fizzles when the recommendation falls on a newbie.

Hey, all you podcasting industry gurus…





Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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