March Recap: SXSW, new partners, and meeting the godfather of social entrepreneurship!

March was another busy month for us… But we totally enjoyed every second! As we have reached the first quarter of 2019, here’s everything that kept us cool, calm, and collected:



HARA welcomes Aruna, a fisheries e-commerce platform to the HARA ecosystem. Aruna and HARA both aim to use technology to help the food and agriculture industry in Indonesia to reaching its full potential. Using HARA’s technology infrastructure, Aruna’s fishermen will act as field agents and collect data to be made accessible by other institutions. The collaboration between Aruna and HARA is expected to increase the benefits of data transparency through blockchain technology; previously deemed “invisible”. These fishermen will have access to other stakeholders without intermediaries, such as banks, insurance, providers of high-quality feed, and access to the market. At this stage, we are currently mapping the potential areas for deployment in Indonesia.


(L-R) Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka and Regi Wahyu, CEO of HARA
“It is globally important and if it works for farmers and all they’re dealing with; you could imagine applying it to all sorts of other cross-cuts of humanity. It is profoundly important. It is right on the historical challenge and moment.” — Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder Ashoka

Regi was invited to meet Bill Drayton, the founder of Ashoka in his office in New York, United States. Drayton and his organization belong to the top 5 Most Innovative and Impactful Social Enterprise by Forbes and recognized as America’s 25 best leaders by US News and World report. It was very inspiring to learn more about his vision on HARA and how it contributes to the need to adapt to global change and to bring people together to work together. Drayton is excited to welcome HARA to the Ashoka network, especially since HARA is the first Blockchain company that has been accepted to Ashoka. Watch the video below of what Bill Drayton said about HARA.


SXSW Conference 2019

SXSW is the largest event of its kind in the world. It started in 1980 and focuses on emerging technologies, music, and films. Regi was the only Indonesian company invited to speak at the conference, and he impressed the crowd during the Ignite session on “Designing the World”.

He emphasized that, “The New World will happen; whether you are ready or not, whether you like it or not, and whether it comes now or later. We need each other to learn, to collaborate, and to prepare our New World together.”

Temu Justika

Teaming up with, an Indonesian based legal-tech firm to host the event. The event was one of the first times that law practitioners and crypto players come together to talk about cryptocurrency regulation in Indonesia. The new regulation is still a mystery to many crypto enthusiasts and players, indicating that a legal certainty regarding cryptocurrency regulation and its implementation is needed.

Updates from the field

Up until now, HARA has engaged over 19,000 farmers who live across 250 villages in Indonesia. We have recruited and trained over 1,000 field agents who act as a data collector and connector. This month, we started with the repayment process of the micro-finance program we launched together with BTPN Syariah last November. This will take until the end of April. We will keep you posted!

Plans for April

It is going to be another exciting month for us! Together BTPN Syariah, we continue the repayment process and are preparing for the upcoming loan cycle. Also, our CTO, Imron Zuhri, is invited to join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in Singapore.

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